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the same Moi kenyans pelted with mud is back with a bang!

Yes it is year 2007 and moi is back at the state house. So my job on this thread is to inform you of any consultations between Kibaki and moi. Let see how many time they have met so far…….


By MBOTHU KAMAUFORMER President Daniel arap Moi yesterday met President Mwai Kibaki at State House, Nairobi, where the two held crucial talks over rising countrywide insecurity and political realignments. The former president drove to State House at around 11am and held talks that are said to have lasted an hour with his successorSo it now very apparent that kibaki  is not able to rule without having to consult the dictator. I wonder why did kenyans go to the poll if the devil who caused so much pain is not ruling kenya through the back door. Kibaki is just a coward who has to be told what to do and when to do it.

Life and happiness.

Life can be Full of drama. You are happy one day ready to conquer the world. You are a legend in your own mind but BOOOM!!!!!!! like a bomb blast sadness engulfs as you learn that life has just thrown a spanner your way.

However we should be thankful for those days that we are able to be happy.

For any minute spent being sad is a lifetime robbed.

 Be happy do not wory!!!!!

Born to be happy


What to do with Kiraitu reckless statements

The Kiraitu Factor in Kibaki Reelection strategy:

Watching Kiraitu Murungi on I was amused at the man ability to literally sing the baba na mama tune. In the clip if you have watched it Kiraitu is making a thanksgiving speech after being reappointed to cabinet. The former minister forgets that this moment just meant  to be a homecoming party for him and his supporters in Narc-kenya and goes ahead to tell his supporters that the ruling party is narc-kenya. This may seem to be an innocent statement to the meru constituents but to voters who leaders are serving in the government of national unity (GNU) this statement is insulting and at the same time sending  the message to others that this is a narc-kenya government and anyone else in the cabinet is there for sentimental value. As cameras Roll Kiraitu finds himself making news for the wrong reasons. I think he forgets his promise to be a royal Kibaki lap dog.

 If you have forgotten when he rose to speak after along silence since his resignation.  Kiraitu thanked the president for re-appointing him as a minister and pledged to work quietly . He was quoted saying that  his only mission was to fight darkness.

His nemesis Raila was quick to tell him that he was only humble now that he has been baptized by Fire. It is still a mystery to me why raila Aethist would use baptism to make his point but I digress.

  I guess For Kiraitu being a human rights lawyers during Moi era created an activist attitude in him that is hard to shake off and become a national leader.

If I were Kibaki re-election strategist I would request Kiraitu to avoid Media like the plague and whenever he feels it is necessary to issue any statement to just say only this “I am happy to serve the government as a cabinet minister and I support all government projects and I vehemently oppose those who want to create issues where there are none” such a statement can be a good disclaimer for a loose mouth like Kiraitu to use every time he feels the itch to grace the podium in front of cameras.

Secondly Kiraitu needs to hire a PR coach if he wants to achieve his goal of succeeding President Kibaki in 2012 or win against whoever is elected in 2007.

Otherwise Kibaki reelection campaign is already lost even before it starts

with friends like these Kibaki really needs no enemies.

This the genesis of Kiraitu Come back watch it

Electoral Commission should bar the following from Running for office

Civil society corruption watch:

The civil society should lobby ECK to bar the following candidates from running for office:

1.                  Chris Murungaru

2.                  David Mwiraria

3.                  kiraitu Murungi

4.                  George saitoti

5.                  Gedion Moi

6.                  Joshua Kulei

7.                  Biwott

8.                  Ruto

9.                  Gumo


who is corrupt in which party in kenya

Narc Kenya:

of the members of narc kenya the following are on record accussed of corrutption:

1. Chris Murungaru- Anglo-leasing- in my world Chis is angloleasing and angoleasing is chris.

2. David Mwiriria- Former Finance minister… this is the man who recieved all the money wired back by AL suspects. He is also responsible for paying all AL related bill.

3. Kiraitu Murungi- He was tried so hard to protect his brothers in AL as the minister of constitutional Affairs he helped keep away Ringera and Wako from prosecuting suspects in AL scandal.

4. Saitoti- Goldernberg Scandal- the case against him is still collecting dust at Gicheru’s office. Wako challenged decision by high court to set the man free.

ODM Kenya:

Gumo- Sold grabbed land to CBK.

Ruto- can someone give me details on this form kanu youth winger.

Koskgey- I do not have much info on this character.

Okemo- Anglo leasing

To be continued

The state of corruptuion in kenya

corruption in Kenya involves everyone the government utilizes corruption to raise money for political funding. Citizens use corruption to enrich themselves. Government officials use corruption to a mass wealth.corruption is Kenya and Kenya is corruption. Without it most of the 222 elected mps won’t vie for office.Without corruption the current president and former presidents wont be amongst richest men in Africa.Without corruption Poverty, Ignorance and disease would have been eliminated in the 40 years Kenya has been independent

Corruption is like malnutrition it stunts growth.

What is my stand on corruption:

I will never engage in corruption.

I will always report those that I suspect of engaging in corruption.

What can Kenyan government do to fight corruption:

1. Impose stiff penalties and jail term to those convicted of corruption.

2. Implement Goldenberg commission recommendations.

3. Hire additional judges to prosecute corruption suspects.

4. Empower KACA to prosecute .

5. Force any member of parliament who is mentioned in past or current corruption scandal to resign pending investigations.

6. Empower electoral commission to bar corrupt indviduals from running for office.

7. reform and form an independent Judiciary.

What are your thoughts!!!!!

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