The state of corruptuion in kenya

corruption in Kenya involves everyone the government utilizes corruption to raise money for political funding. Citizens use corruption to enrich themselves. Government officials use corruption to a mass wealth.corruption is Kenya and Kenya is corruption. Without it most of the 222 elected mps won’t vie for office.Without corruption the current president and former presidents wont be amongst richest men in Africa.Without corruption Poverty, Ignorance and disease would have been eliminated in the 40 years Kenya has been independent

Corruption is like malnutrition it stunts growth.

What is my stand on corruption:

I will never engage in corruption.

I will always report those that I suspect of engaging in corruption.

What can Kenyan government do to fight corruption:

1. Impose stiff penalties and jail term to those convicted of corruption.

2. Implement Goldenberg commission recommendations.

3. Hire additional judges to prosecute corruption suspects.

4. Empower KACA to prosecute .

5. Force any member of parliament who is mentioned in past or current corruption scandal to resign pending investigations.

6. Empower electoral commission to bar corrupt indviduals from running for office.

7. reform and form an independent Judiciary.

What are your thoughts!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The state of corruptuion in kenya

  1. mimi says:

    mbiziness is mbooming uka na ndereva wa turera.

  2. njamba says:

    February 2007 08:03 PM Hide Post

    Well said, but not done. We can report corruption activities. That is our right. But that is as fat as we can go. My worries are many and my heart is aching. I am totally troubled by this vice which has constantly and progressively continued to destroy our beloved mother (and father) land. The question is, to whom can we report corrupt activities to? To Ringera? Oh no. Remember how the MPs including Cabinet members were taken for a diner by Aworri to be bought with real money so that they can sell the conscience and vote for Ringera. Do you think this was without a calculated move? Who were the people behind Ringera? Weren’t they Kiraitu, Awori and Mwiraria? Haven’t they been protected by him? Haven’t corrupting the MPs to vote for Ringera bone fruit for the three M (Moddy, Murungi and Mwiraria)? Haven’t they been cleared by Ringera? Are they now less corrupt than they have been? With judges like Ringera, do we really need criminals?

    Then look at the advice by their father how is at Statehouse. We should expose the corrupt, but as Sajini will tell you, they will not be prosecuted. They will only be espoused. Who will prosecute who on a corruption case? Isn’t the prosecution system corrupt? You want the smiling Wako to prosecute Kibaki’s cahoots? Kibaki want them exposed, that is all. Do you think they are afraid if being exposed? No, they are not. Ask Sajini and he will tell you that, “mficha uchi hazai.” This is their popular slogan. They want to be rich and they don’t have to be clean. They want political power and they have made us believe that, politics is a dirty game. This is why the are busy soiling their hands with dirty money.
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    Wakarima Posted 13 February 2007 05:14 AM Hide Post
    I would like to say that if at any one time we are going to fight and end corruption, it has to start with oneself and lets us not engage our precious energy with empty talk nut try as much as we can to end the vice.

    Haro ni ya muka uri ihii!
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