who is corrupt in which party in kenya

Narc Kenya:

of the members of narc kenya the following are on record accussed of corrutption:

1. Chris Murungaru- Anglo-leasing- in my world Chis is angloleasing and angoleasing is chris.

2. David Mwiriria- Former Finance minister… this is the man who recieved all the money wired back by AL suspects. He is also responsible for paying all AL related bill.

3. Kiraitu Murungi- He was tried so hard to protect his brothers in AL as the minister of constitutional Affairs he helped keep away Ringera and Wako from prosecuting suspects in AL scandal.

4. Saitoti- Goldernberg Scandal- the case against him is still collecting dust at Gicheru’s office. Wako challenged decision by high court to set the man free.

ODM Kenya:

Gumo- Sold grabbed land to CBK.

Ruto- can someone give me details on this form kanu youth winger.

Koskgey- I do not have much info on this character.

Okemo- Anglo leasing

To be continued


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