the same Moi kenyans pelted with mud is back with a bang!

Yes it is year 2007 and moi is back at the state house. So my job on this thread is to inform you of any consultations between Kibaki and moi. Let see how many time they have met so far…….


By MBOTHU KAMAUFORMER President Daniel arap Moi yesterday met President Mwai Kibaki at State House, Nairobi, where the two held crucial talks over rising countrywide insecurity and political realignments. The former president drove to State House at around 11am and held talks that are said to have lasted an hour with his successorSo it now very apparent that kibaki  is not able to rule without having to consult the dictator. I wonder why did kenyans go to the poll if the devil who caused so much pain is not ruling kenya through the back door. Kibaki is just a coward who has to be told what to do and when to do it.


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