hata Ngilu tosha

The events of last week have just confirmed the obvious that Kalonzo Musyoka is not in the same league with Raila. Kalonzo is a political greenhorn who lack the necessary political vision.

I can now declare that the next presidential elections will be between Kibaki and Raila any third candidate will just be of no consquence

For us in Raila camp we firmly believe that Raila is the agent of change that kenya needs at this moment in time. Raila has proven since the early 80s that he is alway ready to champion the interests of the kenyan citizen.

Recently when the ODM conservatives wanted to steal Peoples party by imposing a candidate on voters via conscesus Rail stood with Majestic People of Kenya (MPK) and declared that democracy  has to prevail in nominating the presidential candidate. Raila declared that “ni debe tu ndilo litaamua” (only the ballot will decide).

As for now I cannot wait for the bruising battle between Km camp in LPK or is it ROAP kenya and Odm-k. Leo ni leo Kalonzo wacha kulia hati “my life is in danger” no body wants to be blamed for you suicidal move.

Hata Ngilu ni tosha.


2 thoughts on “hata Ngilu tosha

  1. njamba says:

    Njamba..am still very bullish on Raila winning against Kibaki despite Kalonzo reckless plunders.
    From RV Pundit

    On Ngilu..
    A rehabilitated Ngilu can get ODM more than 30% of Ukambani votes that Kalonzo is blackmailing Raila with, plus her gender and bravery will come in handy during the big battle with Kibaki.Ngilu is a committed reformer like Raila while Kalonzo sycophancy during Moi’s times is still fresh in the memory of MPK.
    Raila & other committed ODM leaders must immediately move to Ukambani and help Ngilu re-establish and forge new allies which will counter Kalonzo while keeping busy there too.

  2. njamba says:

    the biggest mistake that Kalonzo ever made was to walk out and pupport to give orders to the other major stakeholders in ODM-K just because Daniel Maanzo-the chairman has the ODM-K certificate and is the legally recognised chairman.what is Mutula Kilonzo’s role in all this.
    i tend to agree with Rala that ODM-K belonges to the people and not the very papers/certificates that are held by Maanzo and co. this would probably mean that if the time comes for shifting to another party e.g. NAORC, then they will do this with their own supporters. probably the reason as to why Ngilu is being wooed. But again as Raila said, you realy must be made of stuner stuff to make it in politics. I wonder what KM will do now that the rest of the ODM-K heavweights have declared war on him. was he hoping that in the process of shifting, mudavadi would follow suit. what is his game plan. he wont find it easy to campaign in western, nyanza, rv, nairobi or even coast. high chances (ofcourse going by what happened in mombasa recently) he may be stonned or otherwise shouted down. is he going to defect and move of of ODM-K and go it alone. will he and Maanzo (read shikuku) in 1992 run away with the certificate. what happens to Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi and Balala if this happens. is this the reason as to why they are courting Ngilu just incase.


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