is moi still relevant in this election year

personally i have to admit that I have very little knowledge of RV.

Questions on RV

is Moi still the undispusted king of more than 2 million votes in RV?

How much influence does Ruto and Kosgeys in ODM have in RV?

How relevant is Ole Ntimama?

Which is the most popular party in RV right now is it ODM or narc kenya?

The answers to these question will clearly give us a pointer which way the pendelum will swing in the coming presidential elections

A few pundits have been arguing that RV is 50-50 for kibaki and Raila

Anyone there with numbers as numbers do not lie????


3 thoughts on “is moi still relevant in this election year

  1. Kip says:

    Watch where the MPs seeking re-election and contestants are gravitating towards..that is where the people are!

    Just like Uhuru/Kamotho or Ukambani Mps indicates Kibaki/Kalonzo, Rift Valley is Raila to lose

  2. jack says:

    i think ODM will have itself to blame; Moi is still a man to beat in Kenya and that means Rift valley. Whoever moi back in RV will get the 80% votes. To me i see Ruto failing to be re-elected this time. ODM performed nicely during the referandum coz Moi backed it and many chrisitian were against it. With Moi-Kibaki; ODM will get 20%. watch this space.

  3. @Jack says:

    Keep dreaming, moi is kaput politically.

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