limuru conference by one Mil Polo

When all the Mp’s were finally seated, Jaramogi decided to go ahead and pull his trick. Unfortunately, T.J Mboya had seen it coming a mile away but pretended to be surprised.  Jaramogi declared that he was forming a party since Jomo Kenyatta’s party had lost touch with reality.  The support he received from the backbenchers was immediate. There were shouts of joy and thumping of feet as Mboya and Kenyatta felt cornered. Even key cabinet ministers joined Jaramogi. Among them was Information and Broadcasting Minister Achien’g Oneko. Kenyatta was leading the country in the wrong direction barely 3 years into independence. There was a feeling around the country that UHURU WAS NOT YET!

The mood in Limuru that cold morning was tense. The chilly morning mist was so heavy you could hang your coat  on it. This was it. All daggers were  drawn. The final fight to settle who was who (nani ni nani, leo ni leo). It was a fight between Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and one Thomas Joseph Mboya. They eyed each other, not even exchanging any niceties. Jaramogi had the backbench support. Mboya had a bag of tricks and Mzee’s support. Mzee Kenyatta left it all to Mboya, the young ambitious man. Mzee Kenyatta’s inner cabinet watched Mboya’s every move, full of shock and awe. The man was brilliant. The delegates walked in to stone silence…Jaramogi cursed under his breath.. Before the situation quickly got out of hand, Mboya decided to act. He decided to pull the rug under the feet of Jaramogi and his buddies. Mboya was sharply dressed that day. He owned 100 suits at any given time. He was not very tall or too short. But he often did his homework well before he tackled any subject. Before giving any speech, he would go over it again and again until he felt it was right. He would stand in front of a mirror and give the whole speech and then iron out the details.

When he tore into Jaramogi, the house went silent. But perhaps his last message was the most chilling. Since Jaramogi had been elected with a KANU ticket, he was technically not the Vice –President anymore. If he wanted to be a Vice President again, all he had to do was to run in the hastily arranged elections. There were 8 provinces in the country. Each Province would have a vice president!

Little did Jaramogi know that Mboya even had a candidate in waiting ready to challenge him in every province? In Nyanza, Mboya handpicked Lawrence Sagini from Kisii. They were to be elected by the present delegates. Odinga lost heavily. Thereupon a short man from Karachuonyo, known as Barnabas Omolo Agar, carried Sir Lawrence Sagini on his shoulders and performed a dance around the building.

On his last dance, they came face to face with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Whereupon Odinga asked Barnabas Agar…In ema itingo Jamua ni gi mor? = I cannot believe you are celebrating my loss by bebaring this Jamua .  Jamua is any non-Luo person. It’s not a derogatory term.  Barnabas Agar never had a care in the world as they continued dancing to Dr. Nico’s latest Kiri Kiri song. Mboya and Kenyatta celebrated with patting each other at the back.

Meanwhile on the way back to Nairobi, Barnabas Agar drove like there was no tomorrow.  Then it happened. He lost control just as he passed the Banana Hill. He did not die immediately. But he was paralyzed. Streams of Luos went to visit him in Kenyatta Hospital. Not a word from him. He would just stare. Soon there was a saying in the Luoland. Whenever you stared at anyone blindly, you’d be asked politely not to stare like Omolo Agar. He passed away 3 months later and Odinga mystique just kicked in. It was said that if he pointed at you with his middle finger, your goose would be cooked. People wondered how stupid Mboya was, to befriend the enemies of progress. But Mboya would not listen.

Mbiyu Koinange, Sir Charles Njonjo, Bruce Mackenzie and akina Rubia were overheard asking, where’s the party at?   Kenyatta’s kitchen cabinet knew immediately that they had a problem in their hands in the form of Mboya. But they were prepared to wait. This man was dangerous. Instead they chose to throw him a party. That night at state house party, no one overheard Rucy ask Mama Ngina (hostess)  …”[size=18]whos’s your mother?”[/


One thought on “limuru conference by one Mil Polo

  1. Peterlis Arucho says:

    His name was Elijah Omolo Agar. His father was Barnabas Agar.

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