“Raila is formidable but Most venerable…”

Raila is formidable but very venerable…” 

 Raila ability to remain politically relevant and to be on the masses side when it most counts has made him the most admired, talked about, and popular politician in modern times. His mastery of the Political chess game has even bamboozled the once president for Life and professor of politics Baba Moi. For the smart Politicians like Kibaki they have understood that Attacking Raila is not the key to winning Peoples hearts but pointing out their ability is what will set them apart from the Man of the hour (raila). With this in mind we see kibaki strategy as that of going to the voters and telling them that he is development conscious and cares less about politics in general. However, the shortcomings of this is that Kenya is on the recovery from years of mismanagement of Baba MOI thus it is hard for the common man to see Kibakis’ development as we know the trickle down effect ain’t happening anytime soon.On raila part he is able to tell the voters that Kenyans problem is bigger than patching the broken economy. The economy needs an overhaul starting from the laws that govern how we conduct our economic, social and political business. He is able to take his message and customize it according to his audience. When he is in RV he is able to talk and articulate the lands issues and why Bomas draft will be able to solve this problem, while in Nairobi he is able to address the issues of crime, rising cost of living etc, when in coast he is able to drum up support for devolution. He talks of the richest province in terms of tourism and natural resources being among the poorest in terms of its population per capital income.  To sum it raila is with the people. Why is raila the Most venerable Presidential candidate?Kenyans voters are very conservative in Nature due to ignorance and poverty which has allowed the ruling class to lord over them.The current leaders in government and business have one mission to keep on exploiting the poor Kenyan citizen. For Ngugi wa Thiongo makes this observation in his book I will marry when I want ” the richman in Kenya mission is one and oneonly one exploitation of the poor” This where Raila enemies such as the MKM come in they know for them to continue stealing they need a Docile Voter and a weak President thus the need to support kibaki. So what has happened is that the Narc Kingpins and KANU barons have joined hands in a bid to keep Raila away from the House on the hill. This is why Uhuru and kalonzo have been persuaded by KANU and MKM to join hands and split the opposition vote. Will this ploy work.. My guess is as good as yours. Will Raila Outwit the three camps this time around… Big question one thing I am sure is that Raila will remain always on the side of the People.  Coming up…. I will give pointers on how Raila can outwit the leeches in Narc and KANU   


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