Can – Ford Asili type of Divisions deny Raila presidency

Kalonzo has borrowed heavily from Ford Asili COOK book.I think some NSIS strategist have forgotten that you can fool some people sometime but not all the time. My take is that Kibaki people are looking at kenyan politics from a prism of yesterday. Therefore, all their strategies are based on an ignorant and gullible Majestic PEOLE OF KENYA – MPK. They are not factoring the fact that 70% of the kenyan voters are Literate one way of the other they may be gullible but not ignorant.If you look at the latest survey by Infotrak you will appreciate the fact that voters have issues that they want addressed high among them is CORRUPTION which ranks higher than most of the other issues. So the question is whether Kalonzo under the guidance of Moi and Kibaki can be credible enough to be able to BLOCK opposition win. I guess unlike Matiba kalonzo lacks street Credibility only a spoiler would vote for him or a religious right wing type of person. Otherwise the Mama mbogas, the hawkers, the watu wa kawaida on the streets of nairobi will have very little in common with Kalonzo. He lacks credibility which Mr stanley Njindo Matiba had in abundance. Actually most of us who voted and campaigned for him did so because we believed he was the only DEMOCRAT in a pack full of  thieves and other non entities… But I digress. In short KM cannot convince the grassroots nationwide that he is a serious pro-reform candidate who will fight corruption. THE fight still remains a two way Horse Race between the RAILA CAMP and Kibaki CAMPOne CAMP now has to woe the bride with some serious engagements vows. 


One thought on “Can – Ford Asili type of Divisions deny Raila presidency

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    this opinion expressed is a good reminder of the so obvious prediction last year that the ODM break up would be blamed on the state by some here in mashada…so what’s new?…this same group, (ODM) are famous for crying wolf when the mistake lies squarely with themselves…greed killed the cat, and so it as with ODM….it has nothing to do with kibaki or moi, it as fallen right at their door step, for good or for worse, their plans will be much easier now…kibaki anabaki!

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