political, economic and social issues I want debated in year 2007 campaigns

The issues that I care for


I as an investor want president who will gurantee that my investments will continue to grow. Kibaki economic agenda is a step in the right direction. Next will be to move kenya to developed country status. I think in five years we can grow the economy at 10% if we do this for 10 years I am told unemployment will become a thing of the past.


Reform of how we conduct our political affairs should be paramount. We should in first day of 10th parliament enact law to ensure that Parties in kenya adhere to the laws of land and that they are financed LEGALLY.

I would also Enhance ECK powers to make sure that the body is able to deal with errant MPS. Those party hoppers who do not defect but ally themselves to other parties.


Crime – Security security – community policing, more police, more resources for police.

Fighting Corruption I would ensure that KAAC is empowere to prosecute and investigate corruption crimes. Stiff penalties such death penalty and life imprisonment will be imposed on CONVICTED Economic criminals.

Poverty – I would fund free primary education and universal healthcare for every kenya.

I would enact laws to protect Orphans, disabled and AIDS victims

I would double prevention efforts to combat aids and I would develop the first Generic drugs processing unit for ARVS in East Africa.bo

This just an overview of what issues I want to hear Raila and Kibaki talk about From Sept 1 to November so that I can decide who will be my candidate. For now I am still supporting Raila but he should not take my support for granted

Unedited commentary


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