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How can ODM O earn kalonzo 10%

according to my online buddy Papaf his polling of the three parties ODM K, ODM O and PANUA shows that the race for presidency is very close.Here is the breakdown of candidates. these percentages are not excat but they are this close

Mwai Kibaki 44.2%

Raila 44.8%

Kalonzo 10%

The numbers shows that incase kalonzo decides to support Kibaki unconditionally Kibaki will retain his seat and vice versa if kalonzo supports Raila.

 How can ODM O ensure that KM defects to their side

Seeking reconciliation… I would urge Raila and his team to have a MOU with Kalonzo promising him a post in the next administration once he helps odm o to defeat kibaki. This position can even be the prime minister post.

IF KM fails to agree to this then the following should be done

Get someone else to establish a stronghold in Ukambani maybe request Ngilu to run for presidency. if Ngilu just manages to take 5% away from KM then the threat of KM defecting to Kibaki camp will be minimized.

Go back to court and try to reclaim ODM K

I am back

Dear Reader,

I have been away from the online community. I have been recovering from a surgery performed on Friday. i am currently able to get on line and blog. You never know how important health is until you are unwell and cannot do most of the tasks we take for granted. I thank God for enabling man to discover Medicine science which has enabled medical professionals to cure most of these diseases.

The War In Iraq is immoral and must end

The invasion of Iraq is the worst blunder usa has committed since Vietnam. I am now convinced as majority of people in whole world are that the USA led invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with desire to spread democracy and liberate Iraq but a selfish imperial  desire to control Iraq Oil. Alan Greenspan is about to release his tell it all book which he states that the war was about oil and who is better to make this assertion than someone who was in charge of the Central bank of USA.

Saddam was a brutal man and an evil dictator. however his overthrow has subjected Iraq to untold misery. Iraqs would prefer their murderer anytime compared to the anarchy and total lawlessness their country is expriencing daily. The death of innocent civilian in this proxt war between Iran and USA is becoming very costly to the human life of iraqs daily.

I hereby call for immediate withdrawal of usa troops from Iraq and for the UN peacekeeping forces to be deployed. The UN should also start broker peace talks between the waring factions in Iraq

Majority of Americans are opposed to this war but for some reason or the other the President and Congress do not seem to care what Americans wish is.

That is my two cents

Campaigns period will officially start today

From online pundits crystal ball it seems that Kalonzo Musyoka ODM K presidential candidate holds the key to the the House on the hill aka State house. The numbers that one Papaf has provided shows Kibaki leading with about 3.7 million, raila follows with 3.3 million and Kalonzo is third with 900,000. 

Kudos to Kibaki strategists on this front  THEY have achieved their goal of Fracturing Opposition and allowing Kibaki to win with a simple majority.

The fact that as we speak President Kibaki is preparing his speech to Officially launch his campaign and I predict to officially declare that parliament will be dissolved soon. 

After 3pm today kenya will be in Official Campaign Period. The president can then call elections anytime during this campaign period.

One thing that I did not mention is that Kibaki is winning based on 95% turnout in Central to me this a very overly ambitious number. However,this not impossible my sources state that Kibaki tena, Vijana Tugutuke and other marketing Campaigns are going to gurantee that Kibaki areas turnout in huge percentage. My sources indicate that Kibaki Minders have assembled a campaign programme that ODM O under raila won’t be able to trounce. I am told that lessons learnt during 2005 referendum were so painful and most of these wise Men have declared that they will not watch Kibaki get humiliated again.

 The Government is working had on PR Side to Remake is tarnished record on Corruption here is my take of what is going on:

There is concerted effort by Kibaki Royalists such Wangari Maathai to Launder Kibaki torelance of corruption by blaming the insistitutions fighting corruption such as KAAC and absolving the president of any blame. Also the office of communications is working day and nite trying to wag the dog on the Kroll leak.
The  amendment clause is just sideshows designed to keep ODM O busy and giving the president and his cabinet political mileage for denouncing parliament. I think Muite is just being a hypocrite .. he is working for the statehouse. Remember the presidential salary thing this where the KAAC Clause is designed achieve the same results that is  have the president reject the bill inorder to rally his base

What is Kalonzo’s Role in Kibaki strategy

KM role is simple to be a spoiler and deny ODM O a chance to be at ikulu come late this year.

The play book being used by Kibaki strategists is the same Kibaki and moi used in 1992 to rob FORD Asili a  win. I suspect to this date that kibaki was asked by moi to defect to opposition and  split matiba votes. Were it not for Kibaki Matiba would have been the third president of kenya but I digress.

What can ODM dO?

Coopt Kalonzo if this fails wreck odm kenya from within.

Finance Ngilu to run against Kalonzo with an aim of Keeping KM tied in Ukambani and then allow Ngilu to defect at the 11th hour.

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Kibaki has said that he has nothing to do with KAAC SPAT

 Dear reader, new developments on this issue are that HIs Excellency Mwai Kibaki rejected the KAAC Bill and referred it back to Parliament. Today parliament debate this bill and rejected most of the presidents recommedations. I am still Trying to come up with talking points of this debate. Meanwhile read this attached article from EA Standard

Yes Fred Mutua just expressed government position on corruption. I wont go ahead and re write what Mutua has said but if this is the government position then I think opposition has some explaining to do. I will be posting the names of those who supported the ammendment clause and then we can go ahead and see who is the BIG Enemy of Wananchi it is time to choose a Candidate and do it easily and to me Corruption is on the agenda.

Media report show that govt side voted against the bill and the Opposition voted for the bill the vote was 37 for and 27 against.  The Rift Valley Mps voted to man for the bill

This how MPS Voted

And here is the list of those voting for the KACC amendment!!Ayes

Abdalla – ODM
Arungah – ODM
Ochilo-Ayacko – ODM
Cheboyi – ODM
Chepkitony – ODM
Keter – KANU
Khalwale – Ford K
Kipchumba – ODM
Kombe – Shirikisho
Kosgey – ODM
Ligale – ODM
Maitha – ODM-K
Marende – ODM
Masanya – ODM
Moi – KANU
Muite – Safina
Murungaru – Maua
Muturi – KANU
Mwandawiro – ODM/FORD P/Unknown -)
Nakitare – ODM
Ndolo – ODM
Ndung’u – Nominated
Nyagudi – ODM
Nyamunga – ODM
Ojaamong – ODM
Ogur – ODM
Ojiambo – ODM-K
Okemo – ODM
Okundi – ODM
Omamba – ODM
Ondiek – ODM
Omondi – ODM
Opore – ODM
Owino – ODM
Salat – KANU
Dr.Shaban – KANU
Syongo – New Ford K
Weya – ODM


Abdirahman – NARC
Githae – NARC
Kaindi – NARC
Kamanda – NARC
Karaba – NARC
Karua – NARC Damu
Kihara – NARC
Kimathi – NARC
Kimunya – NARC
Kingi – NARC
Koech J.K – NARC
Kulundu – Ford K
Machage – NARC
Michuki – NARC
Mohammed A.M – KANU
Mohammed A.C. – KANU
Muchiri – NARC
Mrs Mugo – NARC
Mungatana – NARC
Munyao – DP
Muriungi – NARC
Mwenje – NARC
Mwiria – NARC
Nyagah – NARC
Onyancha – FORD P
Shaaban – KANU
Wario – KANU

The Political class is About US FOR US

Recent Salary increments by Mps have left the common Man wondering whether the lawmakers are just making laws that favor themselves. Political expediency and Greed is the hall mark of current MPS. None of them can escape the blame of being greedy even our Noble Laureate cannot escape this criticism that is why I thank Mechuki for being honest about the caliber of parliament we have.

These three clowns are the worst in terms of Greed

OWidi – drunkard

Ayacko- Mmmmmmmmmmmh I may get sued

Kajwang.. Client amputee Money what an egg head

These clowns were quoted in local dailies saying that the 1.5 million was not enough.Kweli Kenya is the legendary animal farm. where justice is defined by size of your PorkI hope Nyanza voters take note and will send these buggers home so that they can continue with their anti social habits of drinking, womanizing and stealing from clients 

Kroll report lessons

Lessons from Kroll Report:

  • The Civil society have become too Docile.
  • Kenyans are concerned but they have given up on the thugs. Actually Kenyans have given hope all together of ever slaying the monster of corruption
  • Reports indicate that there three more kroll reports that the president has and is yet to act on.
  • According to the finance minister the Government is waiting for investigations to be through before they can prosecute???? Even Goldernberg he says is still focus of Kibaki government. Personally I think Kimunya is just trying to fool Kenyans.
  • Kenyans such as “Merali” who are thought to be successful due to hard work are nothing but Economic Criminals
  • ODM K and ODM O are as bad as Kibaki when it comes to tackling corruption.
  • Kenyans Abroad can help bring this issue to lime light by contacting the Western governments and those in Africa  and requesting freezing of the assets of these economic Criminals   

September “non Predictions”

It is September 10, 2007 excatly about 4 months to Kenyan General Elections. So far the contenders are Kibaki and Raila and a MULE called Kalonzo Musyoka. According to Arm chair Analysts online they are predicting that the numbers are in favor of Raila but the margin is very low with a 300,000 votes separation. This is a very scary scenario for it means that they is a possibility of a run off in the presidential elections. However, my stand is that it is too early in the game to tell. Until Kibaki and Raila assemble their campaign teams and declare their election programmes we cannot for sure predict who will be swallowing the bitter pill come January 2008. I am very  humbled at how competitive the race appears to be.Let the best man win. I will be back in October to tell you what my “crystal ball sees.    Till then let us keep the fight Clean and civil. Tukutane

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