September “non Predictions”

It is September 10, 2007 excatly about 4 months to Kenyan General Elections. So far the contenders are Kibaki and Raila and a MULE called Kalonzo Musyoka. According to Arm chair Analysts online they are predicting that the numbers are in favor of Raila but the margin is very low with a 300,000 votes separation. This is a very scary scenario for it means that they is a possibility of a run off in the presidential elections. However, my stand is that it is too early in the game to tell. Until Kibaki and Raila assemble their campaign teams and declare their election programmes we cannot for sure predict who will be swallowing the bitter pill come January 2008. I am very  humbled at how competitive the race appears to be.Let the best man win. I will be back in October to tell you what my “crystal ball sees.    Till then let us keep the fight Clean and civil. Tukutane


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