The Political class is About US FOR US

Recent Salary increments by Mps have left the common Man wondering whether the lawmakers are just making laws that favor themselves. Political expediency and Greed is the hall mark of current MPS. None of them can escape the blame of being greedy even our Noble Laureate cannot escape this criticism that is why I thank Mechuki for being honest about the caliber of parliament we have.

These three clowns are the worst in terms of Greed

OWidi – drunkard

Ayacko- Mmmmmmmmmmmh I may get sued

Kajwang.. Client amputee Money what an egg head

These clowns were quoted in local dailies saying that the 1.5 million was not enough.Kweli Kenya is the legendary animal farm. where justice is defined by size of your PorkI hope Nyanza voters take note and will send these buggers home so that they can continue with their anti social habits of drinking, womanizing and stealing from clients 


One thought on “The Political class is About US FOR US

  1. jackson Poghiso says:

    Owidi falsely accused Norman Nyagah of Killing Mbai. Owidi i hope repented before he died because bearing false witness against ones neighbour is against the commandments.
    Owidi was the most pathetic liar for Raila and a known alcholic

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