Kibaki has said that he has nothing to do with KAAC SPAT

 Dear reader, new developments on this issue are that HIs Excellency Mwai Kibaki rejected the KAAC Bill and referred it back to Parliament. Today parliament debate this bill and rejected most of the presidents recommedations. I am still Trying to come up with talking points of this debate. Meanwhile read this attached article from EA Standard

Yes Fred Mutua just expressed government position on corruption. I wont go ahead and re write what Mutua has said but if this is the government position then I think opposition has some explaining to do. I will be posting the names of those who supported the ammendment clause and then we can go ahead and see who is the BIG Enemy of Wananchi it is time to choose a Candidate and do it easily and to me Corruption is on the agenda.

Media report show that govt side voted against the bill and the Opposition voted for the bill the vote was 37 for and 27 against.  The Rift Valley Mps voted to man for the bill

This how MPS Voted

And here is the list of those voting for the KACC amendment!!Ayes

Abdalla – ODM
Arungah – ODM
Ochilo-Ayacko – ODM
Cheboyi – ODM
Chepkitony – ODM
Keter – KANU
Khalwale – Ford K
Kipchumba – ODM
Kombe – Shirikisho
Kosgey – ODM
Ligale – ODM
Maitha – ODM-K
Marende – ODM
Masanya – ODM
Moi – KANU
Muite – Safina
Murungaru – Maua
Muturi – KANU
Mwandawiro – ODM/FORD P/Unknown -)
Nakitare – ODM
Ndolo – ODM
Ndung’u – Nominated
Nyagudi – ODM
Nyamunga – ODM
Ojaamong – ODM
Ogur – ODM
Ojiambo – ODM-K
Okemo – ODM
Okundi – ODM
Omamba – ODM
Ondiek – ODM
Omondi – ODM
Opore – ODM
Owino – ODM
Salat – KANU
Dr.Shaban – KANU
Syongo – New Ford K
Weya – ODM


Abdirahman – NARC
Githae – NARC
Kaindi – NARC
Kamanda – NARC
Karaba – NARC
Karua – NARC Damu
Kihara – NARC
Kimathi – NARC
Kimunya – NARC
Kingi – NARC
Koech J.K – NARC
Kulundu – Ford K
Machage – NARC
Michuki – NARC
Mohammed A.M – KANU
Mohammed A.C. – KANU
Muchiri – NARC
Mrs Mugo – NARC
Mungatana – NARC
Munyao – DP
Muriungi – NARC
Mwenje – NARC
Mwiria – NARC
Nyagah – NARC
Onyancha – FORD P
Shaaban – KANU
Wario – KANU


3 thoughts on “Kibaki has said that he has nothing to do with KAAC SPAT

  1. osewe says:

    well said!!

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