Campaigns period will officially start today

From online pundits crystal ball it seems that Kalonzo Musyoka ODM K presidential candidate holds the key to the the House on the hill aka State house. The numbers that one Papaf has provided shows Kibaki leading with about 3.7 million, raila follows with 3.3 million and Kalonzo is third with 900,000. 

Kudos to Kibaki strategists on this front  THEY have achieved their goal of Fracturing Opposition and allowing Kibaki to win with a simple majority.

The fact that as we speak President Kibaki is preparing his speech to Officially launch his campaign and I predict to officially declare that parliament will be dissolved soon. 

After 3pm today kenya will be in Official Campaign Period. The president can then call elections anytime during this campaign period.

One thing that I did not mention is that Kibaki is winning based on 95% turnout in Central to me this a very overly ambitious number. However,this not impossible my sources state that Kibaki tena, Vijana Tugutuke and other marketing Campaigns are going to gurantee that Kibaki areas turnout in huge percentage. My sources indicate that Kibaki Minders have assembled a campaign programme that ODM O under raila won’t be able to trounce. I am told that lessons learnt during 2005 referendum were so painful and most of these wise Men have declared that they will not watch Kibaki get humiliated again.

 The Government is working had on PR Side to Remake is tarnished record on Corruption here is my take of what is going on:

There is concerted effort by Kibaki Royalists such Wangari Maathai to Launder Kibaki torelance of corruption by blaming the insistitutions fighting corruption such as KAAC and absolving the president of any blame. Also the office of communications is working day and nite trying to wag the dog on the Kroll leak.
The  amendment clause is just sideshows designed to keep ODM O busy and giving the president and his cabinet political mileage for denouncing parliament. I think Muite is just being a hypocrite .. he is working for the statehouse. Remember the presidential salary thing this where the KAAC Clause is designed achieve the same results that is  have the president reject the bill inorder to rally his base

What is Kalonzo’s Role in Kibaki strategy

KM role is simple to be a spoiler and deny ODM O a chance to be at ikulu come late this year.

The play book being used by Kibaki strategists is the same Kibaki and moi used in 1992 to rob FORD Asili a  win. I suspect to this date that kibaki was asked by moi to defect to opposition and  split matiba votes. Were it not for Kibaki Matiba would have been the third president of kenya but I digress.

What can ODM dO?

Coopt Kalonzo if this fails wreck odm kenya from within.

Finance Ngilu to run against Kalonzo with an aim of Keeping KM tied in Ukambani and then allow Ngilu to defect at the 11th hour.

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