How can ODM O earn kalonzo 10%

according to my online buddy Papaf his polling of the three parties ODM K, ODM O and PANUA shows that the race for presidency is very close.Here is the breakdown of candidates. these percentages are not excat but they are this close

Mwai Kibaki 44.2%

Raila 44.8%

Kalonzo 10%

The numbers shows that incase kalonzo decides to support Kibaki unconditionally Kibaki will retain his seat and vice versa if kalonzo supports Raila.

 How can ODM O ensure that KM defects to their side

Seeking reconciliation… I would urge Raila and his team to have a MOU with Kalonzo promising him a post in the next administration once he helps odm o to defeat kibaki. This position can even be the prime minister post.

IF KM fails to agree to this then the following should be done

Get someone else to establish a stronghold in Ukambani maybe request Ngilu to run for presidency. if Ngilu just manages to take 5% away from KM then the threat of KM defecting to Kibaki camp will be minimized.

Go back to court and try to reclaim ODM K


5 thoughts on “How can ODM O earn kalonzo 10%

  1. njamba says:

    Frequent Re: how ODM O Can get KM’s 10%raila has already told kaloi ‘i am f@cked up’ musyoka that he has a ‘number’ in ODM. but i think kaloi has gone to far to beat a hasty retreat. what will he tell his kamba base? an MoU will be a big humble pie that may choke the bastaad. can raila win without him? yes and so can kifucki. the big question is can he build a party? can he get an issue that captures the imagination of the citizens and is important? can he champion that issue? i highly doubt it. and as indicated here yesterday, kambas change leaders everyday like chupis. so he is done. cooked wa-kwitued. he is singing washaa aaaaeeeaa.

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    PNU = Pumbavu Nyayo na Uhuru

  2. kitavi kitavi says:

    Raila can only gain the 10% by campaigning in ukambani -personally .He should also ask his supporters not to boo KM-they wont vote for him anyway.
    Ngilu is at the moment a liabilty-she has already lost her Kitui cientral seat.Agwambo has a sizeable following in ukambani rural -he should not let them down.Kibakis failure to appoint even a single permanent secretary in ukambani is his greatest undoing among others-it is payback time for the chap!

  3. kip says:

    interesting @ njamba.. nice raila mpaka mwisho!.

  4. Njamba says:

    I think you are on the money on this one. Never thought of it this way. Raila has to go to central and Eastern ASAP and ask for people to give him a chance and galvanize the support he already has

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