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functional Illiterate and moral coward professors

Where are the liberals in the PNU? Dr Kilemi Mwiriria, Martha Karua, gachaua, etc. I think these characters may bolt from PNU in due time. But they may not as they are Moral cowards and to that list add Wangari Mathai, Kibwana, Githae etal. It was funny the other day Watching wangari maathai Laboring trying to support PNU and wondering why KANU is getting prefential treatment. Why does it take so long for these professors of academia to understand the real issues ama it is a thing we call hypocrisy? She knows that Kibaki is Moi servant and if the master orders he has to bow and comply. That is why he went to Kasarani to get humiliated by a non-entity Uhuru Kenyatta.

At least Kalembe is bright and brave. He is wise and brave. He knows who butters his bread but he knows how to extra more bread without Killing the Wheat Grower. This what these professors cannot figure out? Kalembe told the sloth he won’t ride on land Rover the next time we saw the son of the squatter he had a Bima BWM. He told the sloth that he was tired of taking orders like a child from Dzoro the next thing we knew Kiguoya was issuing a circular to all ministers. That is what we call common sense and bravely…

wembe ni ule ule

Mjinga Akierevuka nini hufanyika?? (WHere is Kevo when I need him) 

Wembe ni ule ule!

That is the message the Tugen tribe is sending to Moi. Moi and his son Giddy thought that Baringo was their to lord but just a few days ago 50 councillors (kanjuras) defected to ODM. If you understand politics 101 you will understand that you need councillors to be able to be effective at the grassroots. Then Giddy the other day was complaining to Elders abou this “unwise’ move and he was reminded that his dad comes for the smallest ukoo in tugen tribe… One of the elders asked this in a baraza kwani ukoo wenu utatawala lini? So moi thought he was the only who could divide and rule but little did not know that the razor can cut both ways. On that note Have a cold one on me!!!

(Disclaimer:This Idea is not mine but was picked from Rcbowen)

Why ODM O strategy is a THUNDER

Raila Strategists are damn good they are playing Kibaki… Since the Thunder days ODM O has scaled down the Rallies. I personally speculate the reason they have done this is to allow Kibaki to Campaign at the grassroots alone. How does this fit into the strategy… ODM Supporters are allowed to Eat Goodies from kibaki magical golden gooses which keeps on giving golden eggs in terms of Free National Parks, Districs, Internatinal hospitals, Rivers, mountains and Presidential Lotion.

What will happen as soon as Kibaki makes his way back to nairobi he will be tired and as soon as he retires at the state lodge then ODM will unleash. Further more ODM want to see if Kibaki is planning on holding elections next year. If this is the case then let Pentagon Preserve their energy for another day. Unfortunately I think Kibaki has overplayed his cards in his latest campaign and like during referendum he will soon run out of gas and be left to meet delagations at the ikuku

from my crystall ball Matiba and Rubia Moves in for a Kill

The recent Appearance by Rubia under a lobby group critizing moi stand on ODM and politics in general is no mistake. It is a well calculated move to send the message to Kibaki. In 1992 then DP Chairman Mwai Kibaki was uitilzed by KANU to split the GEMA and Western Alliance vote to denie Matiba the presidency. If you look at Matiba strategy he had Western (someparts of it) Central, NBI and some small parts of RV (elD, molo, nakuru, naivasha) on his side. However, when Kibaki announced his defection to opposition and his candidacy we all knew that Matiba will be lucky to escape this division and so as history has it Matiba lost. We in Kiambu knew one thing and are sure of one thing that Kibaki robbed us the chance to defeat moi at the polls. We also agree that Kibaki was Moi Project in 1992.Have Kikuyus forgiven Kibaki. My stand is that they have not. Especially the Kikuyu Leaders of yesterday from Kiambu and Muranga are still waiting for the day they can revenge. One of those days was during the referendum and now the coming elections you are going to see Matiba and Rubia make nonsense of Kibaki in NBI and Muranga and Kiambu

Bado mapambano

The struggle is on to get the Leadership Kenya deserves annd Moi-kibaki alliance is not the it. My Fellow Kikuyus know this and you will see it happen by the end of next month.

Huyu Kibaki anaenda Othaya

From Nation Media

Mr Rubia, a parliamentary aspirant for Starehe constituency said that he chose to support ODM because it was the “party of the future.”

Anyone with the link to Rubia Article warning moi to stay away from 2007 elections should give me the link or post it

maybe thats why moi never went for the eldoret rally … sid=107626


Moi nod riles Rubia group

Story by NATION Correspondent
Publication Date: 10/2/2007 
A group of leaders who fought for the country’s Second Liberation yesterday questioned former President Daniel Moi’s endorsement of his successor for a second term.

Speaking under the umbrella of the Kenya People’s Convention, the group, led former Cabinet minister Charles Rubia, said it had fought for the Second Liberation that saw the return of multi-party democracy. 

“Many of us spent years fighting against Kanu’s dictatorship in the past and feel betrayed by Mr Daniel Moi’s return to the centre stage,” said Mr Rubia. 

He told Kenyans to remember those who lost their lives in the struggle for the return of pluralism in 1992.

Best interests

“Many Kenyans died during the first Saba Saba Day in 1990. We were arrested, assaulted, tortured, detained and otherwise victimised for standing up for what we considered to be the best interests of our people and country,” the veteran said. 

The group warned that the country was headed for trouble as a result of divisions along tribal lines.   

“National leaders should do everything possible to reduce tribal tensions and divisions,” they said.

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The need for Witness Protection Bill Egerton, AL , GB Charter House

Ladies and gentlemen we know that the 9th parliament business is winding up and parliament dissolution may be any minute now.  One of the promises that this regime made to us during 2002 election campaigns was that they would enact bills which would allow the Kenyans to aid in fighting corruption. We all now can without can doubt say that the war on corruption has been regelated to the back burner. It troubles me deeply to read leaked reports at the  Kenyan citizens have alot of information on   those who stole and are stealing from us. they want share this information with us so that we can pressure the institutions given the mandate to fight corruption to do something about it.  

If we look at the several big scandals that have been leaked and exposed by ordinary citizens you will realise that these individuals have paid a hefty personal price to do so. In the case of Goldernberg (export earnings) scandal the whistle blower Munyakei was fired from his job at CBk, detained at police cells and later fired from his clerk job and he died a poor man leaving his wife and childern in dire straits, for angloleasing the whistle blower githongo is still in exile currently living in Canada, Charthouse – the accountants who blew the whistle are currently in USA under witness protection programme and in case of the recently leaked Egerton Payroll fraud it seems like the Employee  faced retarliaition and was fired from his job. Meanwhile the perterators of these economic crimes are enjoying the looted monies.

 The duty now lies with parliament to enact a witness protection bill before the end its term and do this in the urgency that this issue needs. We cannot continue to watch those that are Doing the Right Thing Suffer while the Villians enjoy freedom this in it self is injustice of the highest level.

I applaud Munyakei, Githongo, Employee at Egerton, and many others who I have not mentioned for their sacrifices to the nation of Kenya.  God will extend his blessings to you and your families.


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