The need for Witness Protection Bill Egerton, AL , GB Charter House

Ladies and gentlemen we know that the 9th parliament business is winding up and parliament dissolution may be any minute now.  One of the promises that this regime made to us during 2002 election campaigns was that they would enact bills which would allow the Kenyans to aid in fighting corruption. We all now can without can doubt say that the war on corruption has been regelated to the back burner. It troubles me deeply to read leaked reports at the  Kenyan citizens have alot of information on   those who stole and are stealing from us. they want share this information with us so that we can pressure the institutions given the mandate to fight corruption to do something about it.  

If we look at the several big scandals that have been leaked and exposed by ordinary citizens you will realise that these individuals have paid a hefty personal price to do so. In the case of Goldernberg (export earnings) scandal the whistle blower Munyakei was fired from his job at CBk, detained at police cells and later fired from his clerk job and he died a poor man leaving his wife and childern in dire straits, for angloleasing the whistle blower githongo is still in exile currently living in Canada, Charthouse – the accountants who blew the whistle are currently in USA under witness protection programme and in case of the recently leaked Egerton Payroll fraud it seems like the Employee  faced retarliaition and was fired from his job. Meanwhile the perterators of these economic crimes are enjoying the looted monies.

 The duty now lies with parliament to enact a witness protection bill before the end its term and do this in the urgency that this issue needs. We cannot continue to watch those that are Doing the Right Thing Suffer while the Villians enjoy freedom this in it self is injustice of the highest level.

I applaud Munyakei, Githongo, Employee at Egerton, and many others who I have not mentioned for their sacrifices to the nation of Kenya.  God will extend his blessings to you and your families.



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