from my crystall ball Matiba and Rubia Moves in for a Kill

The recent Appearance by Rubia under a lobby group critizing moi stand on ODM and politics in general is no mistake. It is a well calculated move to send the message to Kibaki. In 1992 then DP Chairman Mwai Kibaki was uitilzed by KANU to split the GEMA and Western Alliance vote to denie Matiba the presidency. If you look at Matiba strategy he had Western (someparts of it) Central, NBI and some small parts of RV (elD, molo, nakuru, naivasha) on his side. However, when Kibaki announced his defection to opposition and his candidacy we all knew that Matiba will be lucky to escape this division and so as history has it Matiba lost. We in Kiambu knew one thing and are sure of one thing that Kibaki robbed us the chance to defeat moi at the polls. We also agree that Kibaki was Moi Project in 1992.Have Kikuyus forgiven Kibaki. My stand is that they have not. Especially the Kikuyu Leaders of yesterday from Kiambu and Muranga are still waiting for the day they can revenge. One of those days was during the referendum and now the coming elections you are going to see Matiba and Rubia make nonsense of Kibaki in NBI and Muranga and Kiambu

Bado mapambano

The struggle is on to get the Leadership Kenya deserves annd Moi-kibaki alliance is not the it. My Fellow Kikuyus know this and you will see it happen by the end of next month.

Huyu Kibaki anaenda Othaya

From Nation Media

Mr Rubia, a parliamentary aspirant for Starehe constituency said that he chose to support ODM because it was the “party of the future.”

Anyone with the link to Rubia Article warning moi to stay away from 2007 elections should give me the link or post it

maybe thats why moi never went for the eldoret rally … sid=107626


Moi nod riles Rubia group

Story by NATION Correspondent
Publication Date: 10/2/2007 
A group of leaders who fought for the country’s Second Liberation yesterday questioned former President Daniel Moi’s endorsement of his successor for a second term.

Speaking under the umbrella of the Kenya People’s Convention, the group, led former Cabinet minister Charles Rubia, said it had fought for the Second Liberation that saw the return of multi-party democracy. 

“Many of us spent years fighting against Kanu’s dictatorship in the past and feel betrayed by Mr Daniel Moi’s return to the centre stage,” said Mr Rubia. 

He told Kenyans to remember those who lost their lives in the struggle for the return of pluralism in 1992.

Best interests

“Many Kenyans died during the first Saba Saba Day in 1990. We were arrested, assaulted, tortured, detained and otherwise victimised for standing up for what we considered to be the best interests of our people and country,” the veteran said. 

The group warned that the country was headed for trouble as a result of divisions along tribal lines.   

“National leaders should do everything possible to reduce tribal tensions and divisions,” they said.

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3 thoughts on “from my crystall ball Matiba and Rubia Moves in for a Kill

  1. njamba says:

    Njamba has an interesting twist in the political tale in a thread “kiambu, nyeri and muranga political nexus”

    I want to advance a crazy as a horse idea. just imagine…………………..
    (I AM ASSUMING RUBIA IS ALIVE – i dont know, but read on)

    how about if matiba and njonjo and ??/rubia, all stroll across the jukwaa in uhuru park on Sato??? plus madam ngilu? wow wouldnt the the country just go crazy!!!

    well, well, well, and the crazy matiba just picked up his voters card. rubia’s son just joined ODM! now how will THAT look, talk of techtonic political orgams! raila as we know, is the master of suprizes!! he is the houdini of politics, always adept and cunning at finding ways out of political logjams. the most recent one was when he nabbed the ODM certificate right under the very nose of kiraitu, and kaloi ‘ i am cooked duck’ musyoka. njonjo’s VERY OVERT support FOR RAILA is well publicized. now, supposing sir charles has been on a top secret woo matiba/(???rubia) mission and succeeded? raila is NOT playing your father’s political game. he is at the very top, the stratosphere, of the multi layered political ability lamina! while he is talking to njonjo openly and talking about cabinet ministers defecting, kumbe he is planning the pulling off, of the coup de gras, the blow that finally chops off the head of the multi secretariat-mega departmented fractured confused TENA campaign. no wonder raila told these guys to expect the campaign of their lives!!!. Ask your self which minister has not yet defected that will trully shake up the race? ZERO! NO ONE!! so i believe those statements and sir charles very public courtship and support for raila is just a decoy. damn!!

    and who said that kina sir charles, matiba and ?rubia MUST SUPPORT mundu wa nyomba?? these guys have seen just how selfless raila was during the 02 election on behalf of this ape kifucki. that aindu aitu paradigm has been thrown out of the window by raila, who has now built the mother of all coalitions, hata NARC 02 kando!

    sheeeesh…..lemme dream, do not wake me up till raila wins by a landslide.

    now what can TENA do to stem the fallout? if i am them, i blunt the impact of the blow, leak this to the press! that way it lacks the punch that it would have actually carried, and allow the TENA campaign to shore up its central base!

    jeez raila is good what a son of a gun!!

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  2. MOGI says:

    Matiba will not even make it parliament .Kenneth matiba is a man many kikuyu love but with time the power and influence that he once commanded is gone . It is surprising that ODM strategists are grasping at straws over the mans abilities to steal votes from kibaki . To think that any member of gema would vote for matiba this time round is a very misinformed position . WHY?

    1.Everyone in the central/mt Kenya regions knows matiba is a poor state of mental/physical health.
    2.Matiba has not even bothered to campaign despite his handing in papers
    3Matibas financial empire is in ruins mainly attributed to his state of mental health and his refusal to hand over his empire to his son Raymond
    4.Matiba will this time round be seen as a spoiler with no chance of winning
    5.Kibaki command of Gema support is unparallel -the unity between the southern kikuyu and the northern kikuyu(ndia and kabete) is long forgotten
    6.Odm’s campaign against kikuyus has promoted kikuyu nationalism that has killed the kiambu /nyeri rivalry!(a house divided cannot stand)The house is greator than matiba .
    7.Matibas poor health and age have eroded his popularity that has already been inherited by Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

    It is because of this 7 reasons that many in gema have chosen to keep quiet over matibas run for statehouse and left the ODM Brigades to cheer a run that will amount to nothing . Kenneth Matiba is a well respected Man but his time has come and gone !Even in Muranga politics His thrown has already been inherited by the other Kenneth-peter Kenneth

    Matibas run for statehouse is more of a symbolic goodbye to Kenya politics than a real threat to kibaki!

    Matiba we love you !But the House must be united
    Andu matari ndundu mahuragwo na njuguma imwe

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