Why ODM O strategy is a THUNDER

Raila Strategists are damn good they are playing Kibaki… Since the Thunder days ODM O has scaled down the Rallies. I personally speculate the reason they have done this is to allow Kibaki to Campaign at the grassroots alone. How does this fit into the strategy… ODM Supporters are allowed to Eat Goodies from kibaki magical golden gooses which keeps on giving golden eggs in terms of Free National Parks, Districs, Internatinal hospitals, Rivers, mountains and Presidential Lotion.

What will happen as soon as Kibaki makes his way back to nairobi he will be tired and as soon as he retires at the state lodge then ODM will unleash. Further more ODM want to see if Kibaki is planning on holding elections next year. If this is the case then let Pentagon Preserve their energy for another day. Unfortunately I think Kibaki has overplayed his cards in his latest campaign and like during referendum he will soon run out of gas and be left to meet delagations at the ikuku


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