wembe ni ule ule

Mjinga Akierevuka nini hufanyika?? (WHere is Kevo when I need him) 

Wembe ni ule ule!

That is the message the Tugen tribe is sending to Moi. Moi and his son Giddy thought that Baringo was their to lord but just a few days ago 50 councillors (kanjuras) defected to ODM. If you understand politics 101 you will understand that you need councillors to be able to be effective at the grassroots. Then Giddy the other day was complaining to Elders abou this “unwise’ move and he was reminded that his dad comes for the smallest ukoo in tugen tribe… One of the elders asked this in a baraza kwani ukoo wenu utatawala lini? So moi thought he was the only who could divide and rule but little did not know that the razor can cut both ways. On that note Have a cold one on me!!!

(Disclaimer:This Idea is not mine but was picked from Rcbowen) Www.rcbowen.com


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