functional Illiterate and moral coward professors

Where are the liberals in the PNU? Dr Kilemi Mwiriria, Martha Karua, gachaua, etc. I think these characters may bolt from PNU in due time. But they may not as they are Moral cowards and to that list add Wangari Mathai, Kibwana, Githae etal. It was funny the other day Watching wangari maathai Laboring trying to support PNU and wondering why KANU is getting prefential treatment. Why does it take so long for these professors of academia to understand the real issues ama it is a thing we call hypocrisy? She knows that Kibaki is Moi servant and if the master orders he has to bow and comply. That is why he went to Kasarani to get humiliated by a non-entity Uhuru Kenyatta.

At least Kalembe is bright and brave. He is wise and brave. He knows who butters his bread but he knows how to extra more bread without Killing the Wheat Grower. This what these professors cannot figure out? Kalembe told the sloth he won’t ride on land Rover the next time we saw the son of the squatter he had a Bima BWM. He told the sloth that he was tired of taking orders like a child from Dzoro the next thing we knew Kiguoya was issuing a circular to all ministers. That is what we call common sense and bravely…


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