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An Openly Rigged Election is Unacceptable.

An Openly Rigged Election is Unacceptable.It took 3 days for ECK returning Officers to finally release cooked figures of the just concluded elections.  Yesterday we saw a bizarre situation where by Eck announced results in a strong room with only KBC covering the event.Friday I spent all night watching the news both on Kbc and KTN and on Saturday Morning Kuvuitu came out and made allegations that his returning officers have been compromised by the powers be. Then ODM agents at the hall started raising concerns over what was announced at KICC and the numbers released at the Actual counting hall. I won’t bore you with details but I have to say that Kibaki and his handlers have now hastened the long over due revolution in Kenya. There  is no need to go to the ballot when you know that the results have already been pre-determined. ODM should continue holding out and should not Recognize this illegal government.  Kenyans too have to make their own assessment and decide if they are willing  to give up their right to VOTE. Today I stand with Kenyans and ask that this decision to overthrow the will of the people be reversed. ersed. 

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* Tears are rolling down my eyes as I’m writing this. It is a sad day for Kenya when millions of first-time young voters have had their voice ignored. How do you tell these people their vote matters in 2012?
Kenyan Pundit
* I have just been watching Kibaki being sworn in, amid applause from his cabal. As I sit here in my room, sick to my stomach, and hear the breaking glass outside my house, I ask myself, “What have they done?”
Thinker’s Room
* Those who did not know the true character of Mwai Kibaki now do. Moi was better as he handed over power peacefully. One would expect this kind of behaviour from a young President like Kabila of Congo, rather than from this grandfather of almost 80 years old.

* I stated that, “once the vote has been placed in the ballot box it is next to impossible to do something dodgy.” Perhaps I spoke to soon.

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