Warning shots have been fired

What warning shots
1. The suspension of talks (Meaning Collapse of peace talks)
2. The on going arming of militias all over kenya.
3. The hardline positions the citizens have taken on a ethnic basis.
What kenya needs right now is a political solution to unlock the current crisis. Without a political solution the alternative is that kenyans (PNU AND ODM supporters) will take it upon themselves to solve the polical problems they have. From the people on the ground and media reports it looks like kenyans are ready to go to war. But is the war only option left?

No, Kenyans have a lot to lose in case of civil war.  I would recommend that Kenyans on both sides put PRESSURE on the Leaders Kibaki and Raila for them to work out a solution which will enable Kenyans to seek justice and peace. If the two fail I would urge Kenyans to form a goverment of Wananchi and Use our mighty to punish the Greedy politicians who have cause so much harm to our country.

It is time we understand that kikuyu, luos, kalenjin peasants have more in common than they have with the wabenzi akina Kibaki.


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