A kenyan Castro is in needed

Ladies and gentelmen,

For Kenya to survive we need a leader who is as visionary revolutionary as the Former Cuban President Castro.  For those who have read the biography of the Retired cuban leader you see that he became a revolutionary after he realized that the DICTORIAL regime of Batista had to no Moral authority to rule Cuba.  Batista was a corrupt and ruthless man who had killed 20,000 Cubans. Castro decided that in order to SAVE Cuba he had to use the GUN to chase Batista out of the country as you know after he returned from exile in Mexico him and thousands of other Cuban freedom fighters waged a war against the illegal junta Liberated Cuba from the grip of a Dictator.The fight in Kenya is not about Ethnicity .  It is a fight about Freedom and choice. It is a fight against corruption and imperialism. It is fight against poverty and diseases. it is a fight against poor governance. It is a fight for Right of ALL Kenyans to live in dignity and be treated equally. It is a fight against domination by a few  Mafia Cabals. To sum it is a national fight for DEMOCRACY.

For this fight to be won we have to tell Batista Kibaki to Go home and wait for God. However, Batista Kibaki is not going home on his own he will have to be kicked out of the House on the hill. 

Kibaki is a careless dictator who is living in the old days. He lacks the moral authority to be DULY ELECTED president of anyone. The man has failed in his duties as the Commander in Chief and the head of state. While Kenyans were being killed in RV the man was just in his living room may be watch Tom and Jerry for I cannot see why he did not use the mighty of the state to stop the so called Kalenjin warriors who were armed with nothing but pre-historic crude weapons. How can we as Kenyans continue to excuse Kibaki for allowing militias to rule Kenya. How can we even fathom that idea that PNU is advancing that Kibaki is the only man who needs Executive power. I wonder executive power for what when he cannot even use it to SAVE Lives in RV.The Right taken away from Kenyan Voters in 6 provinces has to be restored.


This right is not going to be restored via the grand coalition of CABAL of thieves. It is going to be liberated via a NATIONA DEMOCRATIC AWARENESS. It is going to be Restoted by the Maasai, kikuyus, Luos, the Miji Kenda, the Boran et al. The solution has to be not for Tribal Leaders to decide who is going to live or be killed by the militias they are arming but for the us Kenyans to claim our Right from Kibaki Junta. For us as a people to unite and ask nationalization of every piece of land in Kenya.

It is time we united and fought the real enemies of Kenya who are Corrupt Leaders.

The return of 3 million acres of land in the hands of a few Thieves in Kenya has to be demanded.



One thought on “A kenyan Castro is in needed

  1. Daso says:

    I think I love your articale and mentality on real revolution of our state.indeed,our state has lagged behind due to the careless and lack of visionary rule of the ‘president’.just let kenya have focussed leaders who are fearless like Hugo Chavez and Castro and we prosper.let him go to sleep.

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