This is not time to go sleep Kenyans

The heavy work of reforming our nation governance did not end today but it effectively started today. This is time to make sure that our MPS work for every penny they will be earning. It is time we get a new constitution to redefine our nation.Kenyans have to make sure that our leaders do not play politics with the future of the nation. The peace deal gives us a chance to take violence off the table and rebuild our nation.We owe our future generation


A future in which every citizen will be treated equally; ethnicity will matter less, where public servants will shun Corruption and cronyism.It is my hope that we will demand that Kibaki and Raila burn the midnight oil to ensure that Democracy is restored and that peace prevails.The three problems which have been ailing our society for centuries are poverty, ignorance and disease. We have to usher a new order to be able to deal with these problems.Peace 


One thought on “This is not time to go sleep Kenyans

  1. githunguri says:

    kenyans MPS will always be kenyans MPS, the fact being they are lazy,ignorant, flabergasting, silly, stupid lack of patriotism, jelous of some tribes doing well economically and politically. so no matter what kibaki and odinga do, they will never make everybody happy. In case of power sharing its going to be an uphill battle in the pariament. The fact is ODm is full of blood of innocent kenyans who were killed after disputed presidential election. it was premeditated and well planned by pentagon members. Down with their whole family.

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