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THe Compassion the Big of Heart of Mrs. chege

What Honor can we bestow on a woman who does not have alot of money or but has the warmest heart

Today I want to introduce mrs. Chege who is from my  my constiuency of Lari. From what I have read about the charity she started to cater forOrphaned Girls on Iwas inspired. The pictures and the accompanying profile of the woman touched my heart and I will be sending Mrs. chege some cash donations to enable her to help these less fortunate children.

Sometimes we are caught up in moment and forget to appreciate the Heroines and heroes among us.

The old of Golden Heart should be bestowed to Kenyans like Mrs. chege who are changing lifes.

power conceeds nothing

The nitwits in PNU think that they can hold Kenyans at ransom with their stupid antics. I think ODM should altogether write to PNU and pull out of the peace deal. This should be done ASAP no need to negotiate anymore with an electroral thieve.

 It is time for ODM to declare a People government and let the chips fall where they may.

parliament adjourns for three weeks because mps have no work

A week ago the bandit president opened parliament to pass the Peace accord related laws. THe laws were passed in record time. Today I just learnt that MPs are adjourning for 3 weeks because there is no business to transact in the house.

The bandit president and Peoples president are still fighting over cabinet posts allocation.

Bad news are that the IDPS are still in the camps which have already flooded due to April long rains.

It is absurd that the government cannot do more to make sure that mps stay in parliament working. It is a shame that Raila and Kibaki cannot put National interests before the personal interests.

I am disgusted. 

74 years Bear stearns CEO hires a bodyguard after employees threaten

to thrash his behind for selling their Company for a cheeseburger.

Where is the fourth Wireless Company in Kenya? What happened to Econet?

The other mobile Phone company Econet.We all know that Econet was licensed some years back. I wonder what happened after that since I have not heard about their services. Right now there are only three cellphone competitors in Kenya Safaricon, Telkom wireless, and Celtel. My sources tell me that the fourth license was granted to the Kenya National Federation of Cooperatives (KNFC) .  KNFC was given this license by the government for “FREE”. However, KNFC has been unable to get financing from its members organization to pay for the license fees that the GoK needs. My source tell me after KNFC was unable to secure funding they went out looking for Partner and this is where the story gets Murky! I am told the KNFC had the license but it ended in the hands of ECONET! So KNFC has been demanding 70% of the shareholding in the Econet Consortium but the courts have ruled in the favor of econet South Africa. So my questions are?What percentage of shareholding does Kenyans under KNFC own? Who are the other members of the econet consortium? Is it possible that there is Mobitela type of transactions in this Deal?How did CCK award KNFC the license? Under the guise that the license was going to econet 

The Third Force in Kenya

I am pondering that Kalenjins are the third force in Kenya. . It is my observations that whenever there is a major power struggle between the dominating tribes of Kenya Luo, Kikuyu and Luhyia the Kalenjin community is able to fully capitalize on the divisions between the three communities and take power.
Moi became the president after he found support among the moderates in KADU and then crossed over to support Kenyatta when he was faced by opposition from Jaramogi. Moi was able to stay under the radar as kikuyu mafia plotted against each other in the succession wars of the 1970’s. Moi used his VP position to seek for support against the ruthless Kikuyu cabals in Kenyatta government and also sought not to offend Jaramogi supporters. Kenyan voters saw Moi as a moderate compared to the hardliners in Luo and Kikuyu camp. As we know Njonjo out maneuvered every power baron and installed Moi as the president after Kenyatta death. Little did Njonjo know that Moi was a Political heavyweight who will destroy him in the process. Moi continued to play this card and we saw him reelected for two terms.
Currently the RV (Kalenjin) has given Raila quest for power the muscle it has been lacking for the last 16 years that he has sought the high office while in opposition. It won’t be surprising that in the Grand Coalition when the dust settles and the “peace’ treaty outlives its usefulness the Kalenjins will consolidate their position and may emerge the winner of the Kibaki succession battles that will soon break out.

What Kenyans need is not a love affair between ODM and PNU.


What Kenyans need is not a love affair between ODM and PNU.
We the voters and citizens of Kenya have decided to give ODM and PNU an opportunity to work together to restore peace in Kenya. We have also agreed that we do not need anything short of establishment of the truth behind the rigged December 2007 elections.. We need to know who was behind killings all over Kenya. From the Nyanza to Limuru we want the Criminals who killed our people to be put behind bars.
    Now that parliament have been reconvened we hereby demand that every MP attend each session failure to which we as citizens will order the courts to withhold the pay of the MP. Secondly we demand that MPS work 7 days. This is to ensure that the Peace accord Act is enacted in shortest time possible and that the constitutional review is started ASAP.
    We also demand that all IDP and EDPS to resettled in their homes by end of May. We demand that enough Police be hired to ensure the safety of the resettle IDPS

Francis Muthaura statement is idiotic and leaks of mischief

The Problem with Kibaki statehouse is that statements are released without a thought of their impact. there too many drivers at the house on the hill.  Honorable Kibaki is one aloof and disengaged leader (handoffs) this stlye of leadership won’t work in country where the instutions such as presidency yeild so much power that their word is the Law.

For the peace accord to suceed Kibaki has to make sure that he is the only one in charge at the statehouse. No rouges such dr. Mutua, Francis Muthaura and Murage issuing nonsensical statements about who is number one, two, three etc in the grand coalition. we all know that Raila is the defacto leader who presidency was stolen by the Honorable kibaki.

We in ODM understand that President Raila made this deal to allow Kenyans to resolve the stolen presidency in a peaceful way. the grand coalition was formed for sake of Kenya and not for the sake of Kibaki or Raila. it was formed so that the center could hold once again. So for PNu diehards to continue rocking the boat they are inviting nothing but a WAR.

So my dear PNU Hawks Hold your horses let us work out a peaceful resolution to the rigged elections. we need to restore democracy.

What is the Future of Emilio Mwai Kibaki?

What is the Future of Emilio Mwai Kibaki

As far as my assessment is concerned bandit President Kibaki is done and won’t be playing any meaningful role in the Next five years. The colonial masters have effectively given him a safe exit out of the statehouse via the Peace deal. 

For the next five years Kibaki will a man under siege by the Kikuyu community for causing the biggest displacement of Agikuyu since the colonial era. Add this to the Inflation and looming famine and you will see a how hostile people will be toward the man responsible of rigging the elections in such an careless way.  The events of the last two months have cemented the image of Kibaki as coward who have no guts to defend even his supporters. 

  The Kikuyu comprador will be up in arms as their finance empires crumble due to the economy slow down caused by post election violence. The patronage the Rich  were waiting for may not be forthcoming as the new sheriff in town will be keeping watchful eye on every government ministry.  Only a political fool or someone will align themselves with Kibaki. The power behind the throne will be TINGA TINGA. However, strength will depend on how the international community perceive his usefulness 2012 and beyond.


Here is a list of losers and winners


In terms who are the winners I would say the PNU moderates and ODM Pentagon Members are the winners.

On PNU side:

  1. Uhuru Kenyatta will be the long term winner if he plays his cards right.
  2. Kiraitu Murungi will the next winner
  3. Gitobu Imanyara
  4. Saitoti
  5. Kilemi Mwiria



  1. Martha Wangari karua
  2. John Michuki
  3. Beth Mugo
  4. Kibaki



  1. Raila
  2. Mudavadi
  3. Joe Nyaga
  4. Orengo
  5. Dr Sally Kosgei
  6. Kenneth marende
  7. Abu Nawamba



  1. Anyang Nyongo
  2. Ruto
  3. Ole Ntimama


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