Francis Muthaura statement is idiotic and leaks of mischief

The Problem with Kibaki statehouse is that statements are released without a thought of their impact. there too many drivers at the house on the hill.  Honorable Kibaki is one aloof and disengaged leader (handoffs) this stlye of leadership won’t work in country where the instutions such as presidency yeild so much power that their word is the Law.

For the peace accord to suceed Kibaki has to make sure that he is the only one in charge at the statehouse. No rouges such dr. Mutua, Francis Muthaura and Murage issuing nonsensical statements about who is number one, two, three etc in the grand coalition. we all know that Raila is the defacto leader who presidency was stolen by the Honorable kibaki.

We in ODM understand that President Raila made this deal to allow Kenyans to resolve the stolen presidency in a peaceful way. the grand coalition was formed for sake of Kenya and not for the sake of Kibaki or Raila. it was formed so that the center could hold once again. So for PNu diehards to continue rocking the boat they are inviting nothing but a WAR.

So my dear PNU Hawks Hold your horses let us work out a peaceful resolution to the rigged elections. we need to restore democracy.


2 thoughts on “Francis Muthaura statement is idiotic and leaks of mischief

  1. The Mt Kenya Mafia is at it again! Muthaura is not only embarrassing Kibaki but is also undermining the goodwill Kenyans and the international community have shown. The Kofi Annan agreement clearly stipulates that the two leaders – Kibaki and Raila – would share power. The VP case is a non issue. Trying to hijack the process is totally selfish and insensitive. This type of mentality has no place in Kenya today. Muthaura’s time is up and he knows it. No amount of mischief will prevent Raila – the man who won the presidency – from assuming the executive premiership. The VP’s office is under the presidency and the premiership – that is a fact that Muthaura must cease discrediting. From reliable sources, I am told that the Mafia is burning the mid-night oil to make sure that the deal is dead. Parliament must move fast to curtail the mechanization of these misguided individuals. It is a shame that they are using Muthaura and the ever myopic Mutua to cause confusion. God help us! God bless Kenya. Why vituperate and yet there is a team in place working out the modalities of power sharing? Power sharing means exactly that –sharing power from top to bottom. This is NOT the 2002 MOU.

  2. mogiyusuf says:

    The relationship between elected and appointed officials constitutes an enduring and important issue both in democratic theory and in the practice and behavior of public administrators. Practitioners and scholars continue to puzzle about this relationship because they have not reached consensus on what is called the proper “meshing” of elected and unelected officials in “an optimal mix” in democratic governance.

    The need to understand the relationship better is noted by public administrators , who indicate that , “The founders of representative government expected that the formal arrangements they advocated would somehow induce governments to act in the interests of the people, but they did not know precisely why it would be so. Neither do we today.Public administrators also point out that “politics, policy, and expertise meet uneasily at the top of the bureaucracy.”

    The quest for defining the appropriate relationship between elected and appointed officials includes the optimal mix of expertise and technical knowledge with the political preferences developed by elected officials, the discretion appropriate for unelected officials in a democratic government, and the mechanisms to insure that governments will act in the interests of the people. Public administration scholars have developed three models to characterize the relationship between elected and appointed officials in democratic governments: the orthodox politics-administration dichotomy, the modified dichotomy, and partnership models.

    One of the most important and enduring theoretical constructs in public administration is the politics-administration dichotomy model. It has been useful for marking off the boundaries of public administration as an intellectual field and for asserting the normative relationship between elected officials and administrators in a democratic society. This model, as many have interpreted it, “remains important as a normative standard in the profession of government management.”

    I and others express the view also held by many practitioners that the dichotomy model is useful because it provides a rationale for insulating the practice of public administration from political interference.Muthaura was right the only problem was that he is a meru and Odm cant see beyond his tribe .Dismissing his experience as a public administrator and a scholar

    Mogiyusuf -MPA

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