The Third Force in Kenya

I am pondering that Kalenjins are the third force in Kenya. . It is my observations that whenever there is a major power struggle between the dominating tribes of Kenya Luo, Kikuyu and Luhyia the Kalenjin community is able to fully capitalize on the divisions between the three communities and take power.
Moi became the president after he found support among the moderates in KADU and then crossed over to support Kenyatta when he was faced by opposition from Jaramogi. Moi was able to stay under the radar as kikuyu mafia plotted against each other in the succession wars of the 1970’s. Moi used his VP position to seek for support against the ruthless Kikuyu cabals in Kenyatta government and also sought not to offend Jaramogi supporters. Kenyan voters saw Moi as a moderate compared to the hardliners in Luo and Kikuyu camp. As we know Njonjo out maneuvered every power baron and installed Moi as the president after Kenyatta death. Little did Njonjo know that Moi was a Political heavyweight who will destroy him in the process. Moi continued to play this card and we saw him reelected for two terms.
Currently the RV (Kalenjin) has given Raila quest for power the muscle it has been lacking for the last 16 years that he has sought the high office while in opposition. It won’t be surprising that in the Grand Coalition when the dust settles and the “peace’ treaty outlives its usefulness the Kalenjins will consolidate their position and may emerge the winner of the Kibaki succession battles that will soon break out.


3 thoughts on “The Third Force in Kenya

  1. tingisa says:

    The man I pity is Raila Odinga. He is so sure of victory he started burning his bridges – some of them long before he crosses them. He is completely blind to the very obvious machinations to retain power in Central Province.

    On the other hand Kibaki and retinue seem to be obsessed with fighting Raila and containing Rift Valley that should a third force emerge they would stand as defenceless and shocked as Raila.

    My bet is that Raila should identify a protege and support him for the Presidency. He is damaged goods – whether he knows it or pretends not to know. By 2012, he will be an old man completely devoid of any new ideas and a stumbling block to reform. He could earn his place in the hall of fame by being the first to forgo the presidency in favor of a younger person. That will not happen though.

  2. njamba says:

    Raila won’t be able to endorse anyone his endorsements Quota is done after the TOSHA declaration which gave us the senile Kibaki presidency.However, the man can still rule for 5 year effectively before he gets senile but I wonder how.

    The Way Ocampo and Hague Funders wiggle out of the trap they are about to set off is going to determine the Future of many

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