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Tribute to J.M Kariuku his Spirit lives on

For the record on Permanent Secretaries appointments

I guess we can conclude that Permanent Secretaries are supposed to be Permanent. The Civil Service retirement age is 55 years. If you look at the permanent secretaries appointment and reappointment yesterday by Honorable Mwai Kibaki there at least four notable PSs who have already attained the age of collecting their Wheel barrow Award and head to Mashambani to help Kenya shore up its food reserves.My biggest question is when are these gentlemen starting with Secretary to the Cabinet Muthaura going home? Who is responsible of ensuring that the laws of land are enforced.

Prime Minister Raila should request the files of these Civil servants and order the Ministers in charge to ensure that the law is followed.

Personally I will contact my MP and ask him to raise this question in parliament?


 What say you fellow Kenyan?

What is next for the Marginalized youth


The Next battle in Kenya is a Class war. The militias are out of control of the Power barron. THe mungiki notorious militia which was borne out of Marginalization of the Kikuyu youth is trying to assert it is authority in the new government of disunity. What you are seeing is the poor youth understanding that they have been Duped by their power masters. The current Cabinet as constituted will cost kenyan poor taxpayers shs 2 billion a year this means that agendas such as poverty alleviation and youth ministry funding will have to wait while the 85 cabinet ministers collect their pay every month.

It is a SAD day for the Poor masses of kenya. they elected a government which was overthrown by a few Kikuyu elites who have now formed a government that will even make their level of poverty worsen more.


This is a very encouraging by Kikuyu elders

from the community interest.  The council of elders revival should have been yesterday.  Kikuyu community must seperate the political elite interests from the community interests.  Never again will a few Greedy men will sacrifice Our lives for power.


This group believes there is need to separate political representation from community leadership, to avoid confused signals, especially when the interests of the political class go against those of the community. They argue that a council of elders will enable the Kikuyu wield their 22 per cent stake in the country in a way political leaders cannot. … amp;cid=15

Africans Slept through Genocide and Rape in Congo

I am watching documentary done by an American Woman on the plight of the Congolese Women. It is very unfortunate that the ongoing genocide in Congo being committed by congo Rebels and Rwanda Interhamwe militias is going on while all nations of Africa pretend like there is nothing going on.  How can the African Media, civil society, religious bodies and leaders just continue to wish away this genocide. The UN peace keeping mission in DRC seems like a bandage solution which cannot gurantee any kind of peace. Where are the world social justice activists? Where are africans to help the DRC citizens get peace.  This is one if not the biggest ignored Genocides in our times.


The African Union and the citzens of African continent and Africans in Diaspora have to come together and rescue Congo.  Congo has people have suffered for long 40 years. They have not known any peace since independence.

I urge all us to do everything possible to make sure that millions of women who are being raped daily  find peace. 

President Laurent Kabila needs the world support to help him Wipe out these sadistic militias killing congolese people.


The world has to help Congo people to end this war which has lasted 14 years.  It is time to end this conflict which is bigger than the second world war.

 To war criminals killing and maiming people senseless your days are numbered and one day you are going to face the Music.


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OOH shame on you Mwai Kibaki

MWai Kibaki you are the reason why Kenya is turmoil today. You decided to steal the election and asked you security forces to kill many innocent kenyans in Kisumu, nairobi, naivasha, nakuru and eldoret. You turned your back on Kikuyu peasants who were killed in large numbers by Kalenjin Militias.

Former Dictator Arap Moi handed over to you a country at peace but your incompetence in running kenya have brought death and untold of misery to kenyan citizens.

Today Sunday 6, 2008 your were supposed to appoint a cabinet but you have decided to listen to your hardliners, your minders who are asking you to shaft ODM again. You want to Rob Raila Odinga any dignity that he has left. You want to rape ODM Supporters and blame us for the rape.

Mr. Kibaki you have failed and exposed your selfish nature. You are one vile character who history will judge harshly for your ineptness.


Kenyans have to take up fire arms and overthrow Kibaki and Raila

The bloated Cabinet is the last straw on the Kenyans back. We the citizens have to refuse to be ruled in such self serving way. We have to take up arms and overthrow the illegal government being formed by Kibaki and raila.  We demand that the cabinet be no more than 12 ministers and all MpS salaries to be taxed to create equity.

Failure to this I would ask every Kenyan not to pay taxes, not to report to work, and to arm themselves to be ready to overthrow this government.

For 40 years the rich upper class kenyans have decided to steal from kenyans with impunity. It is time to end this looting. It is time for the Masses to rise up and take arms and kill every Kenyan leader who thinks that they can continue exploiting the poor.

Time for Kibaki and Raila to be overthrown


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