Kenyans have to take up fire arms and overthrow Kibaki and Raila

The bloated Cabinet is the last straw on the Kenyans back. We the citizens have to refuse to be ruled in such self serving way. We have to take up arms and overthrow the illegal government being formed by Kibaki and raila.  We demand that the cabinet be no more than 12 ministers and all MpS salaries to be taxed to create equity.

Failure to this I would ask every Kenyan not to pay taxes, not to report to work, and to arm themselves to be ready to overthrow this government.

For 40 years the rich upper class kenyans have decided to steal from kenyans with impunity. It is time to end this looting. It is time for the Masses to rise up and take arms and kill every Kenyan leader who thinks that they can continue exploiting the poor.

Time for Kibaki and Raila to be overthrown



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