OOH shame on you Mwai Kibaki

MWai Kibaki you are the reason why Kenya is turmoil today. You decided to steal the election and asked you security forces to kill many innocent kenyans in Kisumu, nairobi, naivasha, nakuru and eldoret. You turned your back on Kikuyu peasants who were killed in large numbers by Kalenjin Militias.

Former Dictator Arap Moi handed over to you a country at peace but your incompetence in running kenya have brought death and untold of misery to kenyan citizens.

Today Sunday 6, 2008 your were supposed to appoint a cabinet but you have decided to listen to your hardliners, your minders who are asking you to shaft ODM again. You want to Rob Raila Odinga any dignity that he has left. You want to rape ODM Supporters and blame us for the rape.

Mr. Kibaki you have failed and exposed your selfish nature. You are one vile character who history will judge harshly for your ineptness.



One thought on “OOH shame on you Mwai Kibaki

  1. nairobichronicle says:

    So far, Kibaki is the worst president Kenya has ever had. If anyone had any doubts, recent events prove it. Heck, even Raila has managed to pull a fast one on Kibaki by inviting Mungiki for dialogue.

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