What is next for the Marginalized youth



The Next battle in Kenya is a Class war. The militias are out of control of the Power barron. THe mungiki notorious militia which was borne out of Marginalization of the Kikuyu youth is trying to assert it is authority in the new government of disunity. What you are seeing is the poor youth understanding that they have been Duped by their power masters. The current Cabinet as constituted will cost kenyan poor taxpayers shs 2 billion a year this means that agendas such as poverty alleviation and youth ministry funding will have to wait while the 85 cabinet ministers collect their pay every month.

It is a SAD day for the Poor masses of kenya. they elected a government which was overthrown by a few Kikuyu elites who have now formed a government that will even make their level of poverty worsen more.



One thought on “What is next for the Marginalized youth

  1. njamba says:

    What do you think will be the outcome of Anake a cevente (70s) and the old geezers akina Kibaki… Seem Mungiki ranks are organized proper I wonder at what point will they be forced to take up arms and fight.

    Now that Maina is in the gallows waiting for the gullitone what is next?

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    The Principal Must Die for Peace

    Kill the Principal
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    #2 Today 12:08:14
    Re: Proagony of maspotscan the government win this one! the youth are the most marginalized group of people in Kenya. The young elected Central Mps are just marginalized and are usually assigned Assistant Ministries portfolios which cannot do anything to change the FATE of the Youth.

    What happened to the 2 billion shilling youth fund?

    LEt me say it again there won’t be two Kenyas one of them with Muthaiga Rich Leaders and other with Millions of Kenyans living in squalor.

    Kibaki and Raila have just signed their collective death Certificates. wait until the IDPS and EXDPS rv militias, the kibera militias, mijikenda militias and all other militarized entities start demandign for their power SHARING piece.

    You haven’t seen anything YET my Dear RCBER

    The Principal Must Die for Peace

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