Clashes still going as IDPS are forced back to their homes

Clashes Still going on in Molo. Kameme is reporting that a Man was shot with arrows today at Ka-mwaura shopping center in Molo by attackers. The man is in Kenyatta hospital recovering. This rush to resettlement is another hurry by Kibaki govt to Doom. Why take innocent men, women and children to a war zone and provide no protection. This is absurd the resettlement has to be stopped.


2 thoughts on “Clashes still going as IDPS are forced back to their homes

  1. njamba says:

    Kibaki thought that he would steal the elections and give Raila the P.M position and hope all would be well…well, he had another thought coming!
    In this world there are consequences for perceived injustice. It would take the whole of the Kenyan police force to protect the people if Kibaki ignores a political settlement to the Land issue. The truth of the matter is that the Vice Presidency was offered to Moi on condition that he allowed other Kenyans to settle in his turf and he would keep mum. Those who believe the land was rightfully bought are living in a pipe dream. Those Land Companies paid peanuts (below market price) for prime real estate. Right now the chicken has come to roost. I don’t know what Raila signed . All I can say is that it was very disappointing to see Raila negotiationg so poorly with no tangible benefits. He should have stuck it out like Mandela, Biko, Machel and other heroes.

    A good memory is needed once we have lied,” observed Pierre Corneille, the 17th-century French tragedian
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    #3 Today 16:50:01
    Re: IDPS are attacked in MoloTHe NARA act is very well written Raila can get out of it. I think Raila did a honorable thing allowing Senseless Killing to end while he uses this time to move kenya forward. the Solution is not kibaki. Raila can still offer Kenyans a way out

    back to clashes.

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