The Tribe Must Die for Kenya to rise. Njamba Opines

For the “nation to Rise the Tribe Must Die” President Chisano. I truly believe that these words of wisdom must be examined all over Post Colonial Africa and we (Africans) Must Decide as A people if the Tribe as a nation in itself has to die so that the New Independent nations of Africa Can Rise to pursue national interest which sometimes collide with those of the Tribal Nation.

There is no where this is more evident as the Post 2007 elections Kenya where the Country is balkanized and divided in a way that no one would have imagined in pre 2007 elections. The Nation has died and in it the Tribal nation has taken root. It is now evident that neither Raila or Kibaki have the power to stop the tribe. The tribe be it kikuyu, kamba, luo mijikenda, ndorobo, is now working day and nite to make sure that it unites and consolidates power within its boundaries to wardoff those other tribal nations that may be interested in taking control of its territory.

Dear brothers and sisters the period we are in is very interesting, scary and revolutionary. No one is not a hostage of the circumstances of the post election kenya. No one is safe no one is powerful no one has monopoly of anything.

Seeing Miji Kenda crowning Zipapa this may appear as sideshowHowever the underlying message is that cabinet minister Zipapa is a servant of Mijikenda tribe and he has to do what is in the interest of Mijikendas before he can even fullfill his duty as a Minister

There two big words now that Politicans are using to hoodwink kenyans Unity, Peace and reconcilaition. How are such competing interest between the state and tribe are going to unite, allow peace and reconcile the warring nations.


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