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At the Feet of the Elders, Njamba Learns

At the Feet of the Elders,
Yesterday I happened to visit three Mzee’s who are visiting my state from lesotho this summer it was very nice evening spent gathering Kirira (advice). We talked about the history of Kikuyu. I tried to unravel the Mythologies (mumbi na Gikuyu) etc with my new found evidence from the Muriuki book. It was interesting that the Mzee’s  agreed that Mumbi ( is a mythology story) trying to explain the fact that Agikuyu tribe was formed from different People in Mt Kenya area (Gumba, Athi, Mbwa et al). What surprised me is that these Mzee’s recounted the History as written in the book literaly with no ommission. I think the oral traditions do at times stand the test of time.

On the issue of Kikuyu-Maasai relationship
The wazees told me that in Gaki (current Nyeri) the kikuyus were getting massacred by Maasais clans from the laikipia, somalies et al. they decided that they had to be strategic and offer Kikuyu daughters to Maasais so that they could sire Warriors so when these daughters would get pregnat they would be chased back to kikuyu land and their kids will be raised to be warriors. A special diet of Meat, milk and honey was offered the children as early as four years they would be taught how to hold a spear and other military tactics.

On Gumba,
The Wazee’s agreed that Gumba were there during Demi na mathathi but where they went is a mystery. One man said that it is said that they disappeared into a hole in the ground.  One man if said that when Kikuyus started hunting and trapping Porcupines they started to say that “the porcupines were incernations of Gumba” if you look at a Njege feet you see that it feet and face have human like similarities. One man claimed that there is a hole in Gachika(Gatundu0 where the Gumbas are believed to have disappeared to.

On Leadership:

Marika ni mere tu!
Maina-mwangi na Irungu

I understand that there was an Iregi Generation that refused to be rulled by Wangu wa Makeri and tricked the Chief to dance naked and then revolted and overthrew Wangus government. The genereation is the Kenyatta generation which had Ituika in 1965 when Mwangi Generation decided to Take leadership from Kenyatta after kenyatta Allowed Margaret kenyatta to be the Mayor of Nairobi the Mwangi Generation as infuritated by this act and they CUT down all Shrines Migumo trees in Lesotho and Planted new Fig trees to symbolize the end of Kenyatta leadership/mis-leadership.

No Mwangi is still at the helm who will take over..

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