The three pillars of Kikuyu goverance

The govering Sturcture

1. Mutongoria

2. Njamba

3. gitonga

The kikuyus believed that for a govering structure to work there has to be three pillars. Mutongoria (choosen leader), Njamba (warrior) and gitonga (Richman). Those pillars were necessary for the community goverance to be effective. Mutongoria had to show abilty, qualities and gift of leadership, gitonga had to wealthy and be willing to use the wealth for the welfare of the society, Njamba was the ultimate defender of the community against external enemies.


Source” Kirira by Elders


2 thoughts on “The three pillars of Kikuyu goverance

  1. willie says:

    mmmh interesting information might i enquire on your source

  2. njamba says:

    My source is the old way the teachings were done via Wazees. I am currently talking to one mzee who is very knowledgeable on this issues. Plus I am reading the book by Muriuki Kikuyu history 1500 -1900.

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