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Name behind Maize Scandal

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> Yesterday at 5:54pm
> I will no longer sit back and play safe about thieves, who
> are
> themselves
> heartless!
> I choose to hit back with vengeance, i know as a journalist
> water proof
> evidence is mandatory for info rmation to be published.
> I commit myself to fight back through blogging, not as an
> escape to the
> demand for documents to prove my case, but as an avenue to
> tell Kenyans
> the truth, for the truth is just that the Truth.
> Where do you get documents about people who have already
> probably burnt
> them?
> I hereby publish the names of the hungry thieves and i
> assure you even
> unto death i will stand by my story, which is sourced on
> authority and
> desire for nothing but the truth!
> I have taken the trouble to multi-source my story between
> contact
> persons
> at the Ministry of Agriculture, NCPB and banks.
> Top on the list here is the first bunch:
> Ababu Namwamba (MP Budalangi) – 15,000 bags – Sh36 million
> David Koros (Ex-MP Eldoret East) – 8,000 bags – Sh 18
> million
> Joshua Kuttuny (MP Cherangany) – 5,000 bags – Sh 11.5
> million
> Caroli Omondi (PM chief of staff) – 3,000 bags – Sh 6.9
> million
> Then on the second group
> Jackson Kibor – a business man – 2,000 bags
> Maoka Maorwe – Former Mp
> Joseph KimKung – Former MP
> Others – Whose exact benefits are unknown
> Peris Simam (MP)
> Beatrice Kones (MP)
> Simeon Mbugua (MP)
> KIBAKI’S INVOLVEMENT – Eddy Njoroge the MD of Ken Gen
> who is a close
> associate mentioned so Kibaki close circle is touched.
> RAILA’S Involvement – Most of the politicians involved
> are in Raila’s
> stable, then his Chief of Staff – Karole Omondi was a
> principal
> beneficiary and finally his son Fidel and a business
> contact Mike Njeru
> through Alpha Logistics are mentioned!
> That is what the government keeps telling us they will
> investigate,
> investigate what if we can access the route of maize
> scandal and we do
> not
> even meet the Intelligence chief?
> Meanwhile, the Intelligence chief on Wednesday handed the
> names of those
> involved to Raila, Kibaki and the police…okay today we
> saw the sacking
> of NCPB senior managers and board members, can we now see
> the political
> side of it…
> Guys lets keep the pressure..i am tired of thieves who
> mercilessly steal

> from the very poor they are supposed to govern!


Grand thieves in Everything but Politics

Grand thieves in Everything but Politics

Kenya IDPs Who is resposnsible for resettlement of?

Is this warranted? Who is responsible for this Nonsense of tear gasing Women and babies

Is this warranted? Who is responsible for this Nonsense of tear gasing Women and babies


Famine in Kenya

The Weather changes have affected Africa in a profound way. In Kenya for the last one 12 years the weather has become erratic. The El-Niño weather phenomenal was the beginning of what appears to unprecedented harsh weather conditions.  It is raining out of season and when the dry spell comes it is becoming longer and longer. The Rain failed Last year and according to reports there have not been sufficient Rainfall since November 2008.  This year the Meteorological department in Kenya forecasts that the rains are going to fail again and that the current drought will last for another 15 months.

Kenyans are currently eating Toxic Wild berries to Stay alive

Kenyans are currently eating Toxic Wild berries to Stay alive

It is a fact that the biggest cause of famine in Kenya is bad weather. However, We cannot ignore the fact that Kenya is the third Most Unequal society. The Middle class and rich members of Kenya society are dying from obesity while 90% of the population is dying for crushing hunger. To illustrate the Kenyan media is devoting pages on coverage of famine and in the cities where the affluent Kenyans live  newspapers are writing articles about the latest dieting success and methods of containing runaway obesity.


The Government of Kenya is the most inept Coalition government ever to be formed in East Africa region. The President is an Elderly Man of 72 years who is suffering from dementia. The Prime Minister is a Populist man who is not performing his duties as expected by million of his supporters in the 6 of the 8 provinces in Kenya that he won with a clear majority in 2007 elections.


As I write 10 million Kenyans 33% of the total population is in need of food aid.  The government is Broke partly due to corruption and Post Elections Violence which was brought about by stolen elections on December 2007.  President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila formed the Biggest Cabinet there is in the world currently Kenya has 43 cabinet ministers each earning 16,000 dollars a month each minister has two or three assistant ministers. Thus the total number of the cabinet ministers and assistants is 92. The payroll is kshs 300,000,000 million a month for both the cabinet and parliament. Thus in a 10 months the total payroll is 3 billion shillings. That is 10% of the GDP.


These Facts just say one thing Kenyans are ruled by the Most Greedy group of hounds that Free Africa has ever witnessed


I appeal for the world to help feed the millions of hungry Kenyans.


I appeal that Kenyans challenge our Leaders to Trim the cabinet and have their Salaries increases reviewed Downwards


To President Obama Please Tell Kibaki and Raila that their Greed is not Acceptable in the 21st century



Live blogging Obama inauguration day 2009

8.10 Am watching NBC in USA

When you think about the story of Obama it is only possible because the Slaves Never gave the Quest for Justice and Freedom

The White Americans abolitionists too fought side by side to Liberate Africans from Slavery in the world.

The African Americans and Africans in Diaspora never gave up the fight to liberate Africa from Colonial rule. It through this struggle that Obama dad was given the chance to get an education in Kenya and USA

I am blogging today because my ancestors in Africa and USA fought so hard to give me this Chance. For this I am Grateful.

Africans in Africa embraced Education and other progressive things that they learnt under the White colonial rule

In Essence today is continuation of Our Struggle for justice, freedom, and dignity.


8.31 Obama is head to church from Blair House Hotel

A call to Service to Kenyans

My Dear Fellow Kenyans,

Each year as is the Tradition here in USA every citizen is asked to serve his or her community on  Martin Luther King (MLK) Public holiday. This day celebrates the Great work of the civil rights leader MLK and the entire Civil Rights movement.  So this moring I have decided to ask my fellow Kenyans to use this year to be of service to Our Beloved Nation of Kenya.

It has been one year and a month since December 2007.  After elections there was a WAR (post election violence PEV) in Kenya pitting President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Supporters.   Kenyans worked very hard to ensure that the Post election Violence ended. We agreed that we are going to lay off our machetes, guns, arrows and bows for  truth and justice. When Kenyans asked for African union to help mediate a  power sharing deal we set to achieve these goals

  1.  End Violence
  2. Resettle Internally Displace Kenyans – this goal has not been achieved. Specifically in Rift Valley Kenyans are still not back in their Homes.
  3. Reform Kenyan Institutions that is Electroral commission, judiciary, executive arm and parliament. With NARA we are implementing ECK reforms, We are seeking a new constitution to enhance judiciary BUT we are yet to resolve the issue of executive for we still do not have an elected leader.
  4.  Seek Justice for PEV Victims – The waki report has laid down the ground work for establishing a tribunal to investigate the PEV further.
  5.  After implementation of 1 to three agendas kenyans were supposed to have new elections Elect a leader.

What is the way forward.

  1. PNU and ODM has to work day and night to ensure that a new constitution is in place this year.
  2. Once a New Constitution and Electroral Commission are in Place New elections both Presidential and Parliamentary Must be held.
  3. A Tribunal as Spelled out on Waki Report must be formed and Kenyans must support this tribunal
  4. All internally Displaced Kenyans MUST Be resettled. Kenyans must Seek Reconciliation.


What is the role of  Kenyans.

  1. Ensure that from Today we Unite for a common purpose and thus is to ensure that the aforemention NARA items which are outstanding are Implemented.
  2. We must resettle all Internally Displaced people
  3. We must hold the Executive, parliament and Judiciary accountable to any delay on implementing the outstanding NARA items

This is my call to service on MLK holiday.

For kenyans in Kenya Go out today and donate Food to the hungry kenyans or if you cannot serve your community.


Africa Countries Elections watch and goverance

All in the name of Democracy

AFrican Electoral Time Table


No Presidential elections since 1992.

Parliamentary elections were held in August 2008 but were marred with irregularities.

Presidential elections are slated in 2009

Angola will hold presidential elections between May and August 2009. Voter registration will take place in late 2006 and through 2007. They were originally meant to be held in 1997, but were postponed numerous times due to organizational and logistical problems.[1][2]


presidential election. will be held on April 2009.

Electoral process was suspended in 1992

This will be Fire works

3. Benin – Democratic

Elections held on March 2006

Next elections will be on March 2010

4. Botswana- Democracy – Election in 2009

National Assembly and local government elections 2009.
President elected by each new parliament

5. Burundi – Scheduled for 2010. Elections held in 2005 after the end of civil was between Tusti and Hutu tribes

6. Burkina Faso- Democratic

Presidential elections to be held in 2010

7. Cape Verde- Democratic with a Prime Minister elected by parliament. Next elections are in 2011

8. Cameroun Election held on 2 11 October 2004 Cameroon presidential Next elections are on October 2011

Cameroun has a democratic system of government

9. Chad elections were held in 2006

Next elections will be held in 2011,_2006

10. Central Africa Republic Democracy transitioned from military rule

presidential elections held in March and May of 2005

Next election will be held on

11. Djibout

Next elections are in 2011

12, Congo???

13. DRC

14. Egypt

15. Equitorial Guniea

16. Ethiopia

17. Eritrea

18. Gabon

19. Gambia

20. Ghana is an Emerging Democracy with two government since transition from Military rule of Jerry Rawlings

Elections were held on December 2007

21. Guinea Bissau

22. Guinea

23. Ivory Coast

24. Kenya – Multi party democracy

December 2007 – stolen by incumbent President right now kenya has a coalition goverment. New elections will be held in 2012 December

25. Nigeria

26. Niger

27. Nambia

28. Lesotho

29. Liberia

30. Libya

31. Malawi

32. Mauratinia

33. Morrocco


35. Rwanda

36. Reunion

37. Madgascar

38. Mali

39. Mauritania

40. Mauritius

41. Uganda Scheduled for 2011. Country is multiparty democracy. Last elections were held on 2006.

42. Senegal

43South Africa – Democratic ANC is the dominant party havingWON with super majority the last three democratic elections

Elections scheduled April 2009

44. Sudan

45. Samo Tome Principe

46. Somali


48. Tanzania

49. Zambia Elections were held on October 30, 2008 after untimely death of President Mwanawasa.

Source Zambia electroral Website

Profile of new president Rupiah Banda

Democratic – Zambia transition to democracy has been very smooth. So far this country is beacon of hope and stability.

50. Zimbabwe

51. Togo

52. Seychelles

53. Sierra Leone

54. Tunisia

I consulted the above link after I only came up with 46 countries from my cranial memory


Mugabe must be stopped at all cost

Obama and Hillary first test will be how they deal with the Mad Dictator of south Africa Robert Mugabe. Mugabe has moved from a liberator to the worst Human rights abuser of African this decade. Currently Zimbabwe citizens are dying daily from Cholera.

Bush Administratition was working with African Union and South Africa Development Council to implement power sharing deal brokered by Former S Africa president.

Mugabe has failed to honor this power sharing deal. The AU has said that it won’t intervene Militarily but will pursue diplomacy. China is blocking United Nations Security council from acting. What is left now is for USA or any other authority to act unilaterally and Deal with Mugabe. An overthrow of Mugabe is the most efficient way of resolving this Crises.

My hope is on Hillary Clinton to use her new position to push for Mugabe Removal

let us not allow mugabe to kill anymore.

Time the World unites against the African Mad Dictator

Africans Dictators in the 21 st century

The Top African Dictators in the 21 st Century

1. President Camara –  Note (Removed from power after being shot in the head by his bodyguard handed power back to Civilians )

  • The killer of Conakry in just less than a year the military rule has shown its hand too early by killing 156 protestors. United Nations has refered this

2. Mugabe –With Hyper Inflation, Cholera, Farm Evictions, Military abuse of human rights . Mugabe takes the cake as the most heartless of all senile dictators still alive. Time to retire or send him to an early grave is now.

3. Museveni

  • A benevolent Dictator who has rescued his country from over 20 years of civil war. His support of Genocide in Congo is well documented by United Nations. Presidential Elections are slated for 2011 and with latest Oil discovery in Uganda I wonder if Museveni will be ready to quit. Americans are stating that the oil reserves are as big as those of Saudi Arabia so Uganda is slated to be come either successful or Natural Resource Cursed Nation.

4. El Bashir – Sudan President 

  •  Responsible for Genocide in Darfur and is waiting for his day in International Court of Justice. Right now the Chinesse and Arab Countries are shielding him from arrest

5. Hosni Mubarak Egypt  Disposed on 2-10-11 by is general after a popular uprising- American Stooge of North Africa he has prevented Fundamentalist from taking Power. He is planning to handle over to his son illegally.

6.     Muammar al-Gaddafi – Libya – 1969 to present 42 years in power

7. Cameroun – Paul Biya – Been able to hang on to power for over 30 years. I wonder what the recipe is of keeping camerounians docile.
8. Kibaki – Stole elections in 2007 and is now a lame duck dictator. Hopefully he will be indicted by ICC for his role in Post election violence in kenya
9. President Obiang – Equitorial Guinea- his son bought a Masion worthy $25 million in USA from Stolen Oil wealth. A kenya banker in Washington was jailed for over 20 years for helping Obiang to Launder money via a bank in Washington DC

10. Omar Bongo Jr –

11. laurent Ggabo – Ivory Coast still hanging onto power even after losing presidential elections last year

12. Kagame – still hanging onto power after saving his tribe from Annihilation during rwandan Genocide of the 1990s

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America these days

America These days

The state of things in this great country is not too great. The economy is shambles millions of families have lost their Homes to their lenders. 11 million workers are without a job. Companies are cutting down expenses meaning that wages are going to be flat this year no increases. The federal government is working hard to try to revive a dead economy which lost 7 Trillion dollars last year in the stock market alone, about 1 trillion in home values and there is other 58 trillion dollars of securities that no one understands whether they are valuable or not.


On Tuesday Obama will be sworn in as the new president, majority of people here are anxious, excited and eager to see him change our economic fortunes. He is proposing almost 1 trillion dollars in increased spending to help the economy.

In a nut shell it is going to be a wait and see year.


What is the Fate of Kenyans immigrants in USA?

Most of them are still employed since majority work in the healthcare sector as nurses, care givers, and other blue collar jobs which are still in demand.

The home owners have lost most since their home values have plummeted with some areas houses losing 20% of their values meaning that the ones who bought houses recently are paying for Negative equity.

There have been several high profile foreclosures within the community. However, majority of the homeowners are still struggling and making mortgages payments.

The new arrived Kenyans are having a hard time getting Jobs. It is tough out there. In my state there no jobs period.

Most kenyans are yet to change their spending habits.




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