America these days

America These days

The state of things in this great country is not too great. The economy is shambles millions of families have lost their Homes to their lenders. 11 million workers are without a job. Companies are cutting down expenses meaning that wages are going to be flat this year no increases. The federal government is working hard to try to revive a dead economy which lost 7 Trillion dollars last year in the stock market alone, about 1 trillion in home values and there is other 58 trillion dollars of securities that no one understands whether they are valuable or not.


On Tuesday Obama will be sworn in as the new president, majority of people here are anxious, excited and eager to see him change our economic fortunes. He is proposing almost 1 trillion dollars in increased spending to help the economy.

In a nut shell it is going to be a wait and see year.


What is the Fate of Kenyans immigrants in USA?

Most of them are still employed since majority work in the healthcare sector as nurses, care givers, and other blue collar jobs which are still in demand.

The home owners have lost most since their home values have plummeted with some areas houses losing 20% of their values meaning that the ones who bought houses recently are paying for Negative equity.

There have been several high profile foreclosures within the community. However, majority of the homeowners are still struggling and making mortgages payments.

The new arrived Kenyans are having a hard time getting Jobs. It is tough out there. In my state there no jobs period.

Most kenyans are yet to change their spending habits.




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