Africa Countries Elections watch and goverance

All in the name of Democracy

AFrican Electoral Time Table


No Presidential elections since 1992.

Parliamentary elections were held in August 2008 but were marred with irregularities.

Presidential elections are slated in 2009

Angola will hold presidential elections between May and August 2009. Voter registration will take place in late 2006 and through 2007. They were originally meant to be held in 1997, but were postponed numerous times due to organizational and logistical problems.[1][2]


presidential election. will be held on April 2009.

Electoral process was suspended in 1992

This will be Fire works

3. Benin – Democratic

Elections held on March 2006

Next elections will be on March 2010

4. Botswana- Democracy – Election in 2009

National Assembly and local government elections 2009.
President elected by each new parliament

5. Burundi – Scheduled for 2010. Elections held in 2005 after the end of civil was between Tusti and Hutu tribes

6. Burkina Faso- Democratic

Presidential elections to be held in 2010

7. Cape Verde- Democratic with a Prime Minister elected by parliament. Next elections are in 2011

8. Cameroun Election held on 2 11 October 2004 Cameroon presidential Next elections are on October 2011

Cameroun has a democratic system of government

9. Chad elections were held in 2006

Next elections will be held in 2011,_2006

10. Central Africa Republic Democracy transitioned from military rule

presidential elections held in March and May of 2005

Next election will be held on

11. Djibout

Next elections are in 2011

12, Congo???

13. DRC

14. Egypt

15. Equitorial Guniea

16. Ethiopia

17. Eritrea

18. Gabon

19. Gambia

20. Ghana is an Emerging Democracy with two government since transition from Military rule of Jerry Rawlings

Elections were held on December 2007

21. Guinea Bissau

22. Guinea

23. Ivory Coast

24. Kenya – Multi party democracy

December 2007 – stolen by incumbent President right now kenya has a coalition goverment. New elections will be held in 2012 December

25. Nigeria

26. Niger

27. Nambia

28. Lesotho

29. Liberia

30. Libya

31. Malawi

32. Mauratinia

33. Morrocco


35. Rwanda

36. Reunion

37. Madgascar

38. Mali

39. Mauritania

40. Mauritius

41. Uganda Scheduled for 2011. Country is multiparty democracy. Last elections were held on 2006.

42. Senegal

43South Africa – Democratic ANC is the dominant party havingWON with super majority the last three democratic elections

Elections scheduled April 2009

44. Sudan

45. Samo Tome Principe

46. Somali


48. Tanzania

49. Zambia Elections were held on October 30, 2008 after untimely death of President Mwanawasa.

Source Zambia electroral Website

Profile of new president Rupiah Banda

Democratic – Zambia transition to democracy has been very smooth. So far this country is beacon of hope and stability.

50. Zimbabwe

51. Togo

52. Seychelles

53. Sierra Leone

54. Tunisia

I consulted the above link after I only came up with 46 countries from my cranial memory


3 thoughts on “Africa Countries Elections watch and goverance

  1. njamba says:

    South Africa Successful
    Zimbabwe – Chaos Loser and winner are copresidents
    Gabon – Omar Bongo Senior dies and Junior Takes over in sham elections

  2. njamba says:

    can you explain what the Charter will be about? You may want to look at AU Charter on Goverance Etc to see if they alread did this

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