A call to Service to Kenyans

My Dear Fellow Kenyans,

Each year as is the Tradition here in USA every citizen is asked to serve his or her community on  Martin Luther King (MLK) Public holiday. This day celebrates the Great work of the civil rights leader MLK and the entire Civil Rights movement.  So this moring I have decided to ask my fellow Kenyans to use this year to be of service to Our Beloved Nation of Kenya.

It has been one year and a month since December 2007.  After elections there was a WAR (post election violence PEV) in Kenya pitting President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Supporters.   Kenyans worked very hard to ensure that the Post election Violence ended. We agreed that we are going to lay off our machetes, guns, arrows and bows for  truth and justice. When Kenyans asked for African union to help mediate a  power sharing deal we set to achieve these goals

  1.  End Violence
  2. Resettle Internally Displace Kenyans – this goal has not been achieved. Specifically in Rift Valley Kenyans are still not back in their Homes.
  3. Reform Kenyan Institutions that is Electroral commission, judiciary, executive arm and parliament. With NARA we are implementing ECK reforms, We are seeking a new constitution to enhance judiciary BUT we are yet to resolve the issue of executive for we still do not have an elected leader.
  4.  Seek Justice for PEV Victims – The waki report has laid down the ground work for establishing a tribunal to investigate the PEV further.
  5.  After implementation of 1 to three agendas kenyans were supposed to have new elections Elect a leader.

What is the way forward.

  1. PNU and ODM has to work day and night to ensure that a new constitution is in place this year.
  2. Once a New Constitution and Electroral Commission are in Place New elections both Presidential and Parliamentary Must be held.
  3. A Tribunal as Spelled out on Waki Report must be formed and Kenyans must support this tribunal
  4. All internally Displaced Kenyans MUST Be resettled. Kenyans must Seek Reconciliation.


What is the role of  Kenyans.

  1. Ensure that from Today we Unite for a common purpose and thus is to ensure that the aforemention NARA items which are outstanding are Implemented.
  2. We must resettle all Internally Displaced people
  3. We must hold the Executive, parliament and Judiciary accountable to any delay on implementing the outstanding NARA items

This is my call to service on MLK holiday.

For kenyans in Kenya Go out today and donate Food to the hungry kenyans or if you cannot serve your community.


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