Live blogging Obama inauguration day 2009

8.10 Am watching NBC in USA

When you think about the story of Obama it is only possible because the Slaves Never gave the Quest for Justice and Freedom

The White Americans abolitionists too fought side by side to Liberate Africans from Slavery in the world.

The African Americans and Africans in Diaspora never gave up the fight to liberate Africa from Colonial rule. It through this struggle that Obama dad was given the chance to get an education in Kenya and USA

I am blogging today because my ancestors in Africa and USA fought so hard to give me this Chance. For this I am Grateful.

Africans in Africa embraced Education and other progressive things that they learnt under the White colonial rule

In Essence today is continuation of Our Struggle for justice, freedom, and dignity.


8.31 Obama is head to church from Blair House Hotel

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