The state of Kibaki mental health

It is apparent that President Kibaki health has deteriorated in the Last five years. After the car accident in 2002 President Kibaki Suffered a series of Mild strokes which affected his brain. Today President cannot give a coherent off the cuff speech. He is always repeating himself or talking in circles. I personally listened to President Kibaki give an incoherent speech in Washington DC when he addressed Investors and Kenyans abroad. It is about time that Kenya gets to the root cause of why there is real Lack of Leadership in Kenya. It is due to Kibaki ill health. The elephant in the room is not GCG but Kibaki health and soon we deal with this and ask President Kibaki to retire the better our nation will be. IF the late president Kenyatta had retired as soon as he became Senile Kenya transition in 1978 would have been orderly and democratic. As it stands now Kibaki Succession is at full speed and it is may Plunge Kenya into a civil war if it is not managed well


       Kenya needs a healthy vibrant president who can use the executive power to guide the country out of the many problems we are facing today.
          The Kenyan media is afraid of confronting the State with this fact. You will notice that standard will use Kibaki incoherent speeches to Show that Kibaki Mental Health is lacking.

               The new constitution Must have a clause requiring the President Medical condition be disclosed to public every year and an Annual Medical Physical be under taken every year by a team of government doctors.

I warn Kenyans to be vigilant and always be aware that we Have a Sick and frail President and that It is our duty to ensure that Kibaki succession is orderly


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