Famine in Kenya

The Weather changes have affected Africa in a profound way. In Kenya for the last one 12 years the weather has become erratic. The El-Niño weather phenomenal was the beginning of what appears to unprecedented harsh weather conditions.  It is raining out of season and when the dry spell comes it is becoming longer and longer. The Rain failed Last year and according to reports there have not been sufficient Rainfall since November 2008.  This year the Meteorological department in Kenya forecasts that the rains are going to fail again and that the current drought will last for another 15 months.

Kenyans are currently eating Toxic Wild berries to Stay alive

Kenyans are currently eating Toxic Wild berries to Stay alive

It is a fact that the biggest cause of famine in Kenya is bad weather. However, We cannot ignore the fact that Kenya is the third Most Unequal society. The Middle class and rich members of Kenya society are dying from obesity while 90% of the population is dying for crushing hunger. To illustrate the Kenyan media is devoting pages on coverage of famine and in the cities where the affluent Kenyans live  newspapers are writing articles about the latest dieting success and methods of containing runaway obesity.


The Government of Kenya is the most inept Coalition government ever to be formed in East Africa region. The President is an Elderly Man of 72 years who is suffering from dementia. The Prime Minister is a Populist man who is not performing his duties as expected by million of his supporters in the 6 of the 8 provinces in Kenya that he won with a clear majority in 2007 elections.


As I write 10 million Kenyans 33% of the total population is in need of food aid.  The government is Broke partly due to corruption and Post Elections Violence which was brought about by stolen elections on December 2007.  President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila formed the Biggest Cabinet there is in the world currently Kenya has 43 cabinet ministers each earning 16,000 dollars a month each minister has two or three assistant ministers. Thus the total number of the cabinet ministers and assistants is 92. The payroll is kshs 300,000,000 million a month for both the cabinet and parliament. Thus in a 10 months the total payroll is 3 billion shillings. That is 10% of the GDP.


These Facts just say one thing Kenyans are ruled by the Most Greedy group of hounds that Free Africa has ever witnessed


I appeal for the world to help feed the millions of hungry Kenyans.


I appeal that Kenyans challenge our Leaders to Trim the cabinet and have their Salaries increases reviewed Downwards


To President Obama Please Tell Kibaki and Raila that their Greed is not Acceptable in the 21st century



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