Name behind Maize Scandal

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> Yesterday at 5:54pm
> I will no longer sit back and play safe about thieves, who
> are
> themselves
> heartless!
> I choose to hit back with vengeance, i know as a journalist
> water proof
> evidence is mandatory for info rmation to be published.
> I commit myself to fight back through blogging, not as an
> escape to the
> demand for documents to prove my case, but as an avenue to
> tell Kenyans
> the truth, for the truth is just that the Truth.
> Where do you get documents about people who have already
> probably burnt
> them?
> I hereby publish the names of the hungry thieves and i
> assure you even
> unto death i will stand by my story, which is sourced on
> authority and
> desire for nothing but the truth!
> I have taken the trouble to multi-source my story between
> contact
> persons
> at the Ministry of Agriculture, NCPB and banks.
> Top on the list here is the first bunch:
> Ababu Namwamba (MP Budalangi) – 15,000 bags – Sh36 million
> David Koros (Ex-MP Eldoret East) – 8,000 bags – Sh 18
> million
> Joshua Kuttuny (MP Cherangany) – 5,000 bags – Sh 11.5
> million
> Caroli Omondi (PM chief of staff) – 3,000 bags – Sh 6.9
> million
> Then on the second group
> Jackson Kibor – a business man – 2,000 bags
> Maoka Maorwe – Former Mp
> Joseph KimKung – Former MP
> Others – Whose exact benefits are unknown
> Peris Simam (MP)
> Beatrice Kones (MP)
> Simeon Mbugua (MP)
> KIBAKI’S INVOLVEMENT – Eddy Njoroge the MD of Ken Gen
> who is a close
> associate mentioned so Kibaki close circle is touched.
> RAILA’S Involvement – Most of the politicians involved
> are in Raila’s
> stable, then his Chief of Staff – Karole Omondi was a
> principal
> beneficiary and finally his son Fidel and a business
> contact Mike Njeru
> through Alpha Logistics are mentioned!
> That is what the government keeps telling us they will
> investigate,
> investigate what if we can access the route of maize
> scandal and we do
> not
> even meet the Intelligence chief?
> Meanwhile, the Intelligence chief on Wednesday handed the
> names of those
> involved to Raila, Kibaki and the police…okay today we
> saw the sacking
> of NCPB senior managers and board members, can we now see
> the political
> side of it…
> Guys lets keep the pressure..i am tired of thieves who
> mercilessly steal

> from the very poor they are supposed to govern!


Grand thieves in Everything but Politics

Grand thieves in Everything but Politics

3 thoughts on “Name behind Maize Scandal

  1. sukuma says:

    Yes, I could not agree more with keep up the pressure and rant and rave about it all the time in cyberspace. What we see on tv and in the newspapers is enough to put the lot away for life but they just keep getting away with it all!! What do we do???

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