i am talking to my friend ON the phone about the molo tanker accident

According to eye witness accounts.  The Tanker was deliberately set on Fire by a disgruntled Looter who was Not allowed to Siphon fuel from the tanker by the GSU who wanted Bribes of 5o shillings per Jerrican Siphoned.

They guy threatened to Set the tanker on fire if the GSU officers did not allow him. THey thought he was bluffing only for him to take out a match and light the tanker up.  The Explosion was so big that everyone NEar the area was burnt.

Six guns were recovered from the scene. All the GSU officers persished.

It has to be noted that the GSU Camp in the area did nothing as Kalenjin warrior razed houses during PEV.

my sources indicate that the was another accident in this area and a lot of villagers made some money selling the Fuel the siphoned from the tanker.

The GOK Must investigate the circumstances surrounding this tradegy and PUNISH anyone who was at the site stealing and the LAW enforcement officers and their commanders for failing in their duties.


On Nakumatt Fire the Management of Nakumatt must be held responsible for their employees Actions.

National Prayers are NONSENSE we DO Not need more prayers. Prayers are costing Us the taxpayers Billions in payments for these tradegies and human capital.

Kibaki has this habit of asking for prayers anytime there is a disaster and living the Culprits to be. What happened to the Owner of the Busia Plane, what Happened to Kihonge the man who building collapsed due to code violations


2 thoughts on “i am talking to my friend ON the phone about the molo tanker accident

  1. acolyte says:

    Someone needs to set that idiot on fire but yes the cops need to be fired for allowing the looting of oil that led to that tragedy.

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