We need United Nations Peace keepers in kenya a Marital Coup have taken place

On Monday the first lady went to visit the fire victims at the hospital in Nairobi. After the visit in presence of several high profile government officials including ministers and chief of staff at the State house demanded that the Minister of Internal security furnish her with a written statement as to why his ministry failed to secure the site of accident and prevent the deaths.

She went on to announce that Men have failed Kenya and it is time women are given a chance to rule for they would have done a better job. Since her Husband President Kibaki is known to be hen pecked. My analysis of the situation is that Ms Lucy Kibaki has overthrown the GCG in a Marital Coup. At this point since there is no precedent of this action in Kenya or Africa I call for United Nations to send peace keepers to Request that Democracy be restored by Resignation of “president Lucy Kibaki”

As of the time of going to press President Lucy kibaki was yet to receive a written statement for Minister George Saitoti.

Former President Kibaki is back in the country but we are yet to establish the role he will play in Her Excellency commander in chief Lucy Muthoni government.

Stay tuned for updates


3 thoughts on “We need United Nations Peace keepers in kenya a Marital Coup have taken place

  1. acitizen says:

    We need you really to raze this post.

  2. njamba says:

    can you define “WE” because if it includes Me then We are not Razing anything

  3. asdfasd says:

    igsactly “we” wth is that am i in this lol?

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