Which is your category

xactmente. That’s how those billionaires became billionaires.

The superpoor are cursed at the bottom with zero opportunities through no fault of their own. Their world is a harsh one full of bigger forces they cannot understand let alone control. Find them in the urban slums and rural areas of second and third world countries.

The lazy have opportunities but refuse to capitalize on them by choice. They are doomed to failure. Find them living with mama at 30 or in the urban slums of first world countries high on drugs and booze 24-7  refusing to get one of the many available jobs and whining about how tough life is every day. Examples – The welfare kings and queens of America.

The ‘disinterested in money’ crowd. They are happy with mediocrity in wealth terms and believe they are wealthy in other terms. Money does not buy happiness is their mantra. Funeral time people have to fundraise for their maitis to be shipped home.

The “hard workers’ go to school or learn a trade or get a degree, get indoctrinated to be factory/corporate drones, pour jasho to make the owners of the companies they worl for rich and are 30% triple-partners with Uncle Sam, unexpensable costs and inflation at tax time. If they ever taste modest wealth  it will come at 75 after sweating, saving and investing for decades. Most are timid,  afraid of change, scared to try something outside the comfort zone of their job thinking they will fail. Most in this class (free-spending minded Americans especially) retire with nothing. Example: Most Americans.

The aggressive entrepreneurs borrow big but are the first to get killed when the economy goes south or their businesses founders. They are however persistent so they always try again and increase their odds of success through experience. When these ones make it they make it bigtime.
Example; Donald Trump: Almost got killed in 1993.

The prudent entrepreneurs are conservative so they borrow nothing, pull themselves by the bootstraps even if it takes some time and are more likely to succeed over the long term than the aggressive ones because their skills are built out of patience and taking well calculated risks. This type of entrepreneur is the type who will horde cash, wait for a recession and then offer the  worst possible terms to the businessman in a crunch who is desperate to sell, and put a provision in the sale contract that they can sell the damn thing back to the seller if things do not work out within the first year. Examples: Warren Buffett, Kirk Kerkorian.

The “Warogis”a.k.a Financial Wizards borrow nothing, save nothing, convince the sheeple to pool all their life savings together in their bank account, charge them fees for holding their money, for making them small individual returns, are partners in the profits and shoulder none of the losses. those are the ones who become billionaires. Examples: The hedge fund billionaires, George Soros, Jim Rogers etc.

The Godfather-Jambazis loot and loot knowing they control the political machinery and/or the capital so nobody can touch them. Examples :The original Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Third world dictators and looter politicians.


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