Why Tom Mboya was killed?

Today some netter produced Pictures of Mboya Murder taken by Mohamed Amin. One of the pictures had Kenyatta at Mboya’s requim mass. Kenyatta looked tired and very old in the picture. Then it dawned on me that Kenyatta had a Massive stroke which led to a coma in 1969. I started searching for connection between Mboya death and kenyatta Ill health

this is what I found

Mboya was assassinated on July 5, 1969 in Nairobi

JULY 6 1969
Kenyatta had a massive Stroke which led to a coma.
kenyatta was in a coma for four days

Philip Ochieng was instructed by Dr Mungai to write an obtiuary for Kenyatta to be USed To announce his death

but it was nEver to be

Kenyatta woke on July 8 and the plans to announce his death were shelved

kenyatta lived another 9 years as a SHELL of former self


Others Eastandard, Nation and Philip Ndegwa memoirs


3 thoughts on “Why Tom Mboya was killed?

  1. wqambua says:

    It was a sad story!

  2. Ken mshindi says:

    I wud like 2knw more about tom m.death.

  3. Lavinia adhiambo says:

    We should be told who killed him and the others who died mysteriously. Why are these people being protected. If only we had a trustd government

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