Kenya Should Not be given A coin for Famine

Kenyan GCG should Not be given a Penny of Donor Funds to feed the hungry. Until the Recover 58 billion shillings Stolen by President Moi and his cronies.

According to the Kroll Report  New Jersey in USA there is shs 1.9  billions that the State Would Like t o give back to the Kenya the money was consficated as it was laundered by Joshua Kulei Moi Personal Assistant through he banks there.

there have been no efforts to Demand that these funds be returned to kenya by the Kenya Anti corruption Agency have not contacted the state of New Jersey in the Last 10 years after this information have been made public.

All the State of New jersey needs is an official communique from Government of Kenya to get the money back.

The World Bank, IMF and all other Donors who are being Requested to Fund the famine fund of 148 billions must request Recovery of the 58 Billion Stashed Abroad by all the Criminals identified in the KROLL Report

The biggest Injustice in Kenya is failure of Leadership by President kibaki and Prime Minister Raila and the 92 members of the Cabinet. 

Kenyans Must demand that their Money stolen by Moi and his cronies be returned to kenya

Failure to Act the kenyan masses should take arms and defend their Right to a Decent government

it is time a National Militia disposed this failed government


3 thoughts on “Kenya Should Not be given A coin for Famine

  1. HNG says:

    It would have been helpful if you had provided a link to the report you cite. My web research skills are not exactly perfect, but I can’t find the report anywhere online. If there are indeed billions of shillings lying in an account somewhere in New Jersey that Kenya is entitled to but which the govt. doesn’t want to collect, that’s outragious.

  2. brian gitahi says:

    Chuuch, 2012 the revolution begins, if wat happened in Egypt did not open our eyes well it opened mine. Kenya is for kenyans not for individuals to hold us randsom.
    Its our time to eat.

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